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Chess on the Rock

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The Gibtelecom Chess Festival is underway on the UK's tiny peninsula in Spain, Gibraltar. I was there ten years ago, quite a fascinating place. There are spectacular caves and on a clear day you can see Africa. The famous Rock also hosts the only monkeys native to Europe, which have apparently been put to work designing chess websites.

The Master's open has a very impressive field, led by Alexei Shirov. He recently posted here against playing in open tournaments without compensation, so an agreement must have been reached! Black Belt contributor Hikaru Nakamura has 2.5/3. His first round win against former British champ Michael Hennigan had this picturesque final position.


After seeing Karjakin detonating in the Corus B tournament makes one further wonder how Nakamura would have done there had he been invited, considering he destroyed Karjakin in their mini-match.

LOL...that website is so bad it is laughable...just scroll scroll and maybe you can find some information. Great job Mig!!
the Monkey

That GB chess site should be awarded "worst chess site of the century"

Isn't Nakamura completely winning at the end of the game with Aronian? Why did he accept a draw?

I think the last move shown 35. ... Ke5 was just a clerical error. Black had Nh5+ which begins a perpetual.

Thanks Phlegein. I was wondering why Black would play Ke5.

I found out why the King move was shown on the DGT boards. Apparently, the end of game command is accomplished by placing kings in the center:
both kings on white center(d5,e4) squares: white won, both kings on black center(d4,e5) squares: black won, and one king on a white square and one king on a black square: draw. So the board thought that placing the King on e5 was a move at first instead of the end of game command. I think this kind of mistake could occur frequently with dgt boards, so check your databases for these last move blunders!

Not only are monkeys producing their web pages, but they are also producing their pgn files. They are incomplete, inaccurate, and with duplicate misspelt names. Very messy.

Let's get this straight. Gibraltar is not in Spain. It borders it.

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