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Shahade TV

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Not to turn this into the Jen Shahade news center, but by coincidence John Henderson sent me this link the other day. It's a recent TV piece on her that you can watch online.


Mig, dude. Time for you to step up and popularize this geekish game of ours with some mainstream chess journalism--a book, a New Yorker article, SOMETHING. You've got a rare combination of chess and authorial chops, a sense of humor, a ready arsenal of cultural allusions, and an insider's vantage point that enable you to write something with broad popular appeal. You've got to go for it, dude. An American chess prodigy and US champ on the verge of conquering the world, a megalomaniac genius who's positioned to become president of Russia, a bevy of not unattractive young women players who revel in agressive attacking play--the chess scene is your journalistic oyster. Let's see a book published by Knopf or something.



Good idea!
My favourite would be a cooperation with Terry Pratchet, entiteled:

"The longer things are open, the more likely FIDE is to come up with something horrible"
(Mig in the Prague is dead thread)

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