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Accoona in Times Square

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American Irina Krush will face former FIDE women's champion Zhu Chen of China in two rapid games tomorrow afternoon in New York City. The event takes place in the ABC Studios building in Times Square at 5pm. It's open to the public and there are free tickets. I'll be there relaying the moves to Playchess.com and doing some impromptu commentary and contests. Brave the snow and come on by! You'll remember Krush beat Almira Skripchenko in September to qualify for this match. (And the preceding press conference and ear pulling.)

ABC Studios has seen several chess events in the past and I think I've been at all of them. There was the Kasparov-Karpov rapid match in Dec. 2002, sponsored by X3D, the founder of which is also behind Accoona. Then there were two KasparovChess.com events in 2000. Garry gave a massive international virtual and real "UN of Chess") simul, walking past rows of computers as well as kids in the studio. Then there was the award ceremony for our World School Chess Championship. Sting and his band played a simul against Kasparov and then awarded the trophies to the kids. Most importantly, my mom got to see me on the jumbotron in Times Square. I don't know of if any coverage of those KC events has been preserved anywhere other than my hard drive, so I'm posting a few pics below.


Looking forward to this event. Excellent planning to stage it on Linares's first off day!

I read the Chessbase article on Accoona at
and incidentally got the scoop about Jennifer Shahade's forthcoming book "Chess Bitch:..." Awesome title! It overshadowed the Accoona event for me...

Jen told me she's going to be there doing commentary. Should be the usual party. But unlike last time we won't be conveniently above a free-flowing supply of vodka. Don't know if Carmen Kass and Lobron will show up this time...

I heard they broke up.

Can't say that's a surprise...But hey, maybe that means Carmen Kass'll be there unattached! ;-)

Is there anyone could tell me the result of this match or a news link? thanks.

Mig says: Most importantly, my mom got to see me on the jumbotron in Times Square.
Steve responds: I know moms are important, but I think I speak for many when suggesting that having my ears pulled by Almira would be a bigger thrill.

who won the match?

Zhu won the match 1.5-0.5.

Zhu won the second game with Black (Krush was flagged in a lost position). Krush had a preferable position for much of the middlegame, but made some passive moves in time pressure and came under attack.

The first game was drawn; Zhu had some advantage for a while, but there was a liquidation to a drawn bishops of opposite color ending.


Thank u so much!!!!!!
Could u give me a news link?

Just got home from the post-event dinner, will be posting a report at chessbase.com now. Should be up in less than an hour.

Of course now I find they didn't save the games on the Playchess.com server... Doubt I can reconstruct them 100%. Lovely. *&*%^$%#


Do U just work for CHESSBASE for no pay?

Hello. No, I am paid for my work. I write, photograph, web design and freelance for various chess concerns, apart from Ninja.

Paul Truong did a report on www.chessbase.com
does that mean that Mig will still post his own ?

its funny to see that Zhu's husband is a well known GM and Irina's boyfirend a well known IM.
their better halves play coaches and commentators.. its all in the family.

contrary to what the report said, Zhu was in control in the second game, and never had a inferior position.
went from unclear to -/+, -+ as far as i can tell

Since previous posts approched the gossip column
( carmen kass & eric lobron),

is Paul truong Susan Polgar's husband ?
he does appear as the business aide on Polgar's column on www.chessbase.com.
just curious to see if they were an item...

Though I next to nothing about her opponent, Zhu, i was rooting for Irina Krush on the basis of the article on Kasparov vs, The World in the Wilkipedia, which convinced me that young Ms. Krush is a principled and patient concensus builder as well as a fine chess player. The pictures of her on this site and others (what a beautiful smile!) confirmed my impression and led me to the conclusion that my countryman, Pascal, is a lucky fellow. The best to both of them.

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