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Chess and Boxing

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Warning, tortured analogies ahead. Usually wouldn't post such hackery, but this article on boxing comes on the heels of the "Nakamura vs Leko" item that spawned similar comparisons between one-on-one physical and mental combat.


Ouch! Reading that makes me feel like I just spent 15 rounds getting beat up by Mike Tyson. Hackery is too kind.

I must say that some of the analogies are right on while others are stretching a bit. I do look at the Ali-Foreman match as an ultimate combat chess match. However, you have to see "When We Were Kings" to appreciate how the whole episode was indeed a strategic showcase.

Who would have thought that the big and powerful Foreman would lose to Ali (past his prime)? That "rope-a-dope" strategy reminds me of hedgehog structure... you sit in a crouch looking allowing your opponent the offensive initiative... you wait for overextension and then unload a lightening and overwhelming counterattack.

However, I take issue with the article talking about someone getting checkmated in the ring. That analogy doesn't quite fit somehow.

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