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Kramnik's Nyet

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As we expected, Vladimir Kramnik has declined his invitation to play in the FIDE world championship tournament scheduled for San Luis, Argentina in September. He says he still supports unification and so would be prepared to play the winner of the FIDE event. This is what we expected to hear, and also what I hoped would happen after finding out that FIDE was planning on holding another knock-out after unification. If Kramnik just hands over the classical title Ilyumzhinov will toss it down the deepest outhouse in Kalmykia.

I support Kramnik's stance on not playing in San Luis. This doesn't mean he can defend the classical tradition by just sitting around. A cycle and a system must be in place for after the putative unification match. FIDE could come to its senses (ha ha) and announce such a cycle itself. Or Kramnik could fail to put together a reasonable alternative. In either case Kramnik's position, and that of the classical title, would be seriously undermined. There's no free ride for the champion. FIDE is doing some dumb things, but at least they are actively doing something for chess and for chessplayers.


I totally agree with you, as I mentioned it a few weeks ago, I find it a good thing that FIDE finally does something. It gets things moving, no matter how irrational they are. Now Kramnik came out with his statement and in a cooperative manner showing he is still interested in the unification, and most importantly he left a way out for FIDE where both FIDE and Kramnik can have their dignity and can feel winners. I guess they will have different opinions on many details but in the end we will have a unified title.

I don't think FIDE care about Kramnik or his title anymore.It seems Kramnik realised this.His willingness to play the FIDE winner, unlike his previous stance of reminding FIDE of it failure whenevr anybody asked him about the possibility of unification, tells that.
I believe evrybody with exception of Kasparov and Kramnik will play.If they did, then it will be a great morale booster to FIDE's sagging fortunes.

True Mig, Kramnik should defend his title the Classical way. But we all know how much chaos the chess world is in. Kramnik's original worry was not giving a chance to all the GMs in the Prague Treaty. Well now they all have the chance.

Kramnik will be remembered for his great gesture if he plays in the FIDE tournament. FIDE's latest plans look very interesting.

If all the other GMs take part and the rest of the tournaments are successful, then I fear that Kramnik's title will be forgotten. He may keep on choosing players to play matches but will the chess world bother?

It's true that FIDE make a lot of wrong decisions. But this latest plan looks inviting and very fair.


Kramnik will play anyone but Kasparov. He's a coward. All he has done was win one match. He's scared of Kasparov.

Has the PCA articulated any commentary on the FIDE proposal? What would the grandmasters like to see as a process to eventually decide on a recognized World Champion?

That's ACP...

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