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Tuesday Fish Blogging

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Will someone please tell my keyboard to stop rocking back and forth? After spending so much time on a boat the world won't stop moving. Five days with no internet and no phones, just sea, sun, sand, and fish. Very Big Fish. There were ten of us on three boats. Our boat caught three marlin and I even won our group's biggest fish prize for the day and the trip when I brought in a 150+ pound marlin on Sunday. A triumph for the geeky NY writer over the nine hunting, fishing, NASCAR-watching guys from upstate California.

(A great pic of another marlin caught by a boatmate is below.) That's some serious work, but much easier when you know what you're doing. Which we most definitely did not on the first day, when it took all three of us taking turns to bring in a 100 lb. marlin in an hour. My forearms are still aching. After getting some instruction I brought in the big one in 25 minutes, but I admit he was very cooperative. We'd planned to catch and release, but he swallowed the hook and died very quickly. Nothing goes to waste though, we ate all we could and most of the group took back coolers full of fish steaks. We also caught dorado, tuna, and triggerfish.

Beautiful place, great time, good to be back to ridiculous amounts of work. Now I'm trying to figure out why and when my router shut down, making it impossible for my automated mailer to send out last week's newsletters. Crap.


Wow! Mig , you are handsome beyond words.

Yah, nothing like dried saltwater, streaks of sunblock, the smell of fish, too much sun, and not shaving for five days to really drive the girls wild.

Nice try Mig, but you can't fool us! I nearly believed the picture with you and the fish...but then I put two and two together. Mig often contributes to ChessBase...ChessBase's April fool's joke...chessplayer hauling in a 150 pound fish on a boat...Mig looking a little bit like Bruce Willis...

Obviously this all means that Mig had ChessBase doctor the photo!

Just having a bit of fun. Good job, Mig!

There was plenty of "carping" here in your absence..no marlin..but a few large mouthed blowfish to fry (sorry..I couldn't resist). Welcome back.

There is something almost Hemingwayesque about this picture. A man. A boat. The sea. A large fish. And the hot sun, beating down.

However, the New York Yankee cap somewhat detracts from this impression, as do the designer sun glasses.

Which one is Mig? :-P

I think Mig is the one wearing the baseball cap. I would certainly hope he's not the one with the bloody neck! Then again...I hope he's not a Yankee fan, either, so...

Welcome back, and thanks for all the fish pix!

Mig, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as the sun, the tide, exploring the depths of nature, finding something beautiful…and killing it. And then taking a picture with its dead corpse. Man, that’s livin’.

I guess that is revenge from the 2003 World Series. The Yanks won't beating anybody this year... no less the Marlins! Randy Johnson should take us chess.

Clearly, chess skills translate to the world of deep sea fishing. See Mig's new instructional volume, "The Other Deep Blue: A Chess Master at Sea."

Way to go Mig, nice catch! I love to go saltwater fishing and it looks like you did great!

No no no no no; the NY baseball cap is *completely* necessary to complete the Hemingway homage. Remember? The great DiMaggio? Bone spurs? Hello??

Good lord.

Thank God I found you again. I have been wondering where you disappear to. That is after TWIC series. Long, long years ago you may say. Anyway I have bookmark this page. No more escape. Just like the FISH.

Next time how about gearing up with a mask, snorkle, fins and a hawaiian sling... while your at it bring back some grouper, and spiney tail lobster and some yellow tail for the cat... watch out for the baracuda and don't let your prey bleed too long before your surface for air..

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