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A quick pick from the Kasimdzhanov match in progress here in Times Square. White just played 32.Ne6. Exciting stuff! You can see the game here.

White's low on time and sacrificing a piece against a computer. But if he goes down he did it in style!

The game ended in a draw by repetition after the usual flawless computer defense. Nice try by Kasimdzhanov though, especially considering his clock situation. He was somewhat lucky the computer took the repetition since he had only the increment left by the end.


Nice game! Not much to do against perfect defence. It's quite another matter when it's a human who has to defend such a position.

Shredder 8 was suggesting 24.g4 at a depth of 19, score +1.28. Alright, after 24.g5, the only two good moves are hxg5 and ng8. Let's analyse both of them one at a time:

A) 24...hxg5 25.Nxg5+ Kg8
26.f4 exf4 27.Bxf4 Ra8
28.Nf3 Be7 29.e5 dxe5
30.Nxe5 Bd6 31.Nxd7 Qxd7
32.Rxe8+ Nxe8 33.Ne4 Qc7
At this point, Shredder 8 gives this evaluation:
34.Nxd6 Ncxd6 35.Qd3 Nf6 36.Qg3 Nfe8 37.Qh4 f5 38.Qg5 Qf7 39.Re1 Ne4 40.Bxe4 fxe4 41.Rxe4 Nf6 42.Re6 Re8 43.Rxe8+ Qxe8 44.Be5 Kf7 45.Kg2 + (2.60) Depth: 19/47 00:04:57 144130kN

B) 24...Ng8 25.gxh6 Nxh6
26.Rg1 Ng8 27.Nh5 g6
28.Ng5+ Bxg5 29.Bxg5 gxh5
30.Qe2 Bg4 31.hxg4 h4
32.f4 kg7 33.Rgf1 Nce7
At this point, Shredder 8 gives this evaluation:
34.fxe5 dxe5 35.Qf2 Ng6 36.Rad1 Rec8 37.Qf5 Rb7 38.Be3 Qd8 39.g5 Kh8 40.d6 Rc6 41.Rd5 + (3.50) Depth: 19/53 00:13:37 350384kN

So clearly after 24.g5, black's best defense is 24...hxg5, and even then he is completely lost. Anyone out there want to refute my line?

In the first sentence in my previous post I meant 24.g5. Everything else is correct.

Who win the match?

Does it matter? :) Why Kasimdzhanov?

he's the current FIDE WC. The Classical WC is Kramnik, the best player in the World is Kasparov, the best active players are Anand and Topalov.

Great effort by Kasim! Oh, by the way: would someone please tell him that, prior to wearing a suit jacket in public, the clothier's label should be removed from the cuff (see photo). Unless it's some sort of sponsor endorsement deal.

"The best player in the world is Kasparov."

Since Kasparov is no longer playing competitive chess I guess this means that Kasparov could be the best player if he did play.

An 80-year-old codger in the Veterans Hospital was running up and down the hall yelling, "I could have had sex with Pam Anderson!"

The doctor stopped him, smiled, and asked, "So how could you have had sex with Pam Anderson?"

"I had an erection!"

It's hardly relevant to whether one is best or not if one does it competitivelly or not. As i understand it, being best means being able to match and beat any opponent. Nothing to do with activelly playing or not.

My hat off to Rustam, though. Great play, and in addition everytime i read his statements i'm more and more convinced of his intelligence and well-roundedness.

Another fashion tip for Kasim. Tuck in your shirt. (If you're going to wear a dress, don't wear pants.)

Yet another plaudit for Kasparov...he always dressed like a champ.

"It's hardly relevant to whether one is best or not if one does it competitivelly or not. As i understand it, being best means being able to match and beat any opponent. Nothing to do with activelly playing or not."

Interesting use of the word "match". There was a match to decide this very point in 2000 and Kasparov lost. He's now out of the game, down the road, kaput, see ya. This only points up the silliness of the earlier post, which should have read "he's the current FIDE WC. The Classical WC is Kramnik" and ended there.

True, Kasparov at least was a sharp dresser.

yep, great performance by Rustam. Sounds like a thoroughly nice, rounded guy.

Did nobody tell poor Rustam that he should cut the tag off of his suit sleeve?

I can't believe this was only one game!

I wonder.. why did chessbase "forget" to mention in their earlier reports that this match was actually Kasimdzhanov against Fritz and that some misterious "accoona search engine" is not the chess engine like was always implied, but the organisor? "Accona search engine" is in fact no more powerful than the java applet in my nokia phone. And why was it never even mentioned that this was not a match but only one exhibition game? In chess the definition of a match has never been one game. This was not a match, nor was the opponent "Accoona search engine". This pointless deception is annoying to me, I was looking forward for this.
But cudos for Kasimdzhanov for a daring match. Assuming it wasn't pre-arrenged..

Scary, I'm beginning to sound like you-know-who.

The Fritz engine is mentioned everywhere, or else how did you find out about it?

The version you play online is a weaker version, obviously. Or else it would kill everyone. Most of the work on the engines on the Accoona site has been put into making them weaker. The event was PR for the product, not an attempt to tell people to come get killed by a chess engine.

When they made the first announcements it hadn't been decided whether it was going to be one game or two faster games. They also said it was going to be a Centrino notebook and it ended up being AMD. This was never intended to be a serious chess event and it wasn't presented as such. Not getting what you wanted or expected doesn't equal deception. As you said, it would be pointless.

This kind of deception is common with the Chessbase people. Even they did create suspense about JackS knowing very well their identity. Why did not they use proper Fritz version instead of Prototype for this PR event? Anyway Kasim did very well.

Deception? You guys are weird.

There was no way, and still isn't, for ChessBase to know the identity of ZackS. We have to take their word for it, obviously. So there wouldn't have been any point in saying anything. Were you in some way deceived or harmed?

The latest version was used because it's the latest version. What in god's name is the "proper Fritz version"? Using the latest prototype is surely more interesting, if anything.

The Acoona engine is maybe around 1100-1200 strength. I doubt that this engine could ever compete with fritz on this evolutionary method because if you think about it has taken humans billions of chess games to reach that level of knowledge in a way that is normal for us to which the computer will not so easily adapt. Still it will be interesting to see if it can gain 400 points (a really significant improvement) and how quickly it does so. One problem is that it calculates like a turtle playing right into forced mate(only one move was check but even so) in two and got mated another game on move 14(like a three move mate), which I am not sure whether it will improve with playing(probably). As a final note they might try to add a resign function! I look forward to playing it again in a year or so.

OK. You people are sometimes quite insane. Mig must be on prozac if he reads one tenth of these comments.

why a laptop? a laptop was also used in Bilbao according to your article. i see no purpose in this. why would they purposely put their product on disadvantageous hardware when there is no benefit. yes, ok, it says to people that fritz 9 on a laptop can compete with gms, but so can fritz 8. that's not an interesting angle at all. it's far more interesting to see adams get thrashed by hydra, than to see rustam somewhat embarrass (same old positional trap) f9 on an underpowered comp.

i want to say some thing "good job"
Look at the best search engines from one place!


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