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In a few hours I'm off to Times Square to help run the broadcast of the PR match between FIDE world champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan and the Accoona Toolbar, a search device that has incorporated a dandy chess element. (How cool is that? Imagine seeing a "CHESS!" button on the Google homepage. It would be a seismic event.)

It's a one-game match, Kasim gets white, 60' + 10" time control. The special opponent is a Fritz 9 prototype. There will be much more about this new engine in my interview with ChessBase's Frederic Friedel in my ChessCafe.com column appearing tomorrow.

[Btw, my suitcase arrived 36 hours later, thanks for asking. Vodka intact, and we always need plenty of that to get through these events alive.]

There's a watch live page up here now.


Just tried the Acoona Toolbar. It loads itself on Internet Explorer which I won't use, so I just uninstalled the toolbar. When/if they make it compatible with other browsers, I'll try again.

I downloaded the toolbar. It has its novelty, but hardly anything more than can be found on a chess news "favorites" page. I will propably keep it hidden until I find out that it does more than it seems initially. Good thing it works with Exporler, because that's all I use. I also support Wal Mart, Opec, and Coca Cola. Viva capitalism. Question new toolbars.

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