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Euro Cup Overfloweth

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The powerful Euro Club Cup is underway in Saint Vincent (Aosta), Italy. It seems most of the world's top hundred players are in action. The elite are represented by Kramnik, Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Bacrot, and Gelfand, among others. (Half are on one team...) Here's the list of teams and players. Karjakin is on 3/3 playing board 7 (!) for the defending champ NAO team lead by Kramnik, who didn't play last year. Five teams have perfect 3/3 team scores.

The Java-crazed official website almost outdoes last year's for horribleness. They are keeping their chins up, however: "We are keen on clarifying that the fault was never on the website, which works perfectly under a huge number of daily contacts and is being constantly improved by our designers, who have spent a lot of working time on it (we are very proud of them and of their results!)." I'm guessing they haven't tried to look at the pages on a standards-compliant browser. On the bright side, I've learned many error messages in Italian, even in IE. "Errore di compilazione di Microsoft VBScript error '800a03ea'" and "Errore di sintassi" are my favorites so far. Works perfectly? As Dubya might put it, "Brownini, you're doing a heckuva job!"

[Several people have posted links to the results and more at the Weiner Zeitung site.]


I love the way the results keep falling towards your keyboard, and never stop, leaving you no hope of ever getting to read them:
Great job, this kind of things do not happen by accident, this a labour of love.

The endless cascading can be stopped by switching to "No page style" and then switching back. At least it works for me. If you want to get the results without all that hassle, go to Weiner Zeitung at http://schach.wienerzeitung.at
(Click on the sidebar Welt, click inn the European Club cup and then all you need is a bit of German or some reasonably simple guesswork to get the results).

With Firefox I found that just resizing the page (making it wider or narrower) stops the cascading as well.

this webmaster has a message for us! which is: LOOK! i can use lil' java-programs (which are delivered by the CMS he uses)!

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