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Karpov in Argentina

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Anatoly Karpov is on a tour of Argentina (Spanish) in the run-up to the FIDE world championship in San Luis. The typically error-ridden local news reports don't agree on whether or not he'll show up in San Luis. (One says he's playing in San Luis, another that he was world champ for 17 years, etc.) Barn-storming the country at the same time and not going would be odd. But it would be a bit awkward appearing alongside Ilyumzhinov, whom Karpov called a "dickhead." (Well, not exactly. But saying one would do a better job isn't much better.) If so, I hope he packed all his faces.

From the 17th to he 29th, Karpov has a full slate of activities, from handing out awards, to receiving commendations, to appearing at the Najdorf festival. Of several simuls, he's going to give one in Salta, in the far northwest of the country. Beautiful place. He may meet with president Kirchner, but bigger than that will be his blindfold game against Diego Maradona tonight on Maradona's new "La Noche del 10" television variety show, which is all the rage.


I am really interested in Karpov's "dickhead" comment. When I first saw it on ChessBase, I thought someone had hacked into the site and posted it as a joke.

In what language did Karpov so tersely express his disapproval of Ilyumzhinov? In English? Quite the command of the vernacular, I'd say. Did he say it in the Russian cursing idiom, Mat? It's just so funny, I have to know. DD philologists, help!

I don't know the original Russian, but the veracity of the statement was confirmed by Karpov to a friend of mine. Said Karpov, "Well, yes, I said it, but they shouldn't have printed it!"

I remember F.Friedel later wrote on ChessBase that the term Karpov used would have been translated more correctly as "dimwit".

This is the game Maradona-Karpov, blindfold 2005:
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 d6 4. Nc3 Draw.

Thanks, Christian. Not exactly Boris Becker - Kasparov, but that was probably as far as Maradona could remember. I wonder if he actually knows the rules.

I'm not sad I can't see Diego's show, but I really miss Mario Pergolini and Caiga Quien Caiga...

The word actually used in the original interview was "Schwachkopf". A much more natural translation would have been something like "idiot", "fool" or indeed Friedel's suggested "dimwit".

Was Maradonna using cocaine during the match? Also, if he goes to his left, Karpov's in trouble. Maradonna has a GREAT left leg.

I think Karpov - Maradona would go more like....

1. d4 QxK 0-1. Hand of God Opening.

From posts by "ConLaMismaMano" on chessgames.com:

"Yesterday (Gastón) Needleman gave himself another smile by being the only argentinian player (from 6; including the new argentinian champion IM Diego Flores 2513) to beat ex World Champion Anatoly Karpov in a simultaneous exhibition during his visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina."


"Apparently Karpov sayed "Ok", extended his hand to Needleman and walked away in anger after his loss. Anatoly didn't attend at the closing ceremony but a while after he came back and apologized."

It was a clock simul against six of the top young Argentine players. Karpov won 4-2, losing to Needleman when he hung a bishop in the endgame and giving up draws to Germán della Morte and Anton Kovaliov. della Morte had a winning position much of the way and ended up agreeing to a draw when he still had an extra pawn. Karpov spent most of his time at his board, even sitting down in front of him often.

Several interesting interviews and notes on Karpov in the Argentine press. I'll try to put them together into an item tonight if I have time. He took some more shots at Ilyumzhinov and also criticized the San Luis tournament as "hand-picked, and the best players aren't there."

According to one report, likely the one acirce's source is quoting, Karpov was not in a good mood after the loss and didn't show for the prize-giving, leaving the Argentine vice-president waiting in vain on the stage. But they later had lunch and Karpov apologized. But this all comes from Carlos Ilardo in La Nacion, whose preference for drama over fact should be well known to us by now, so take a grain of salt with the details. But his story does include a pic of Karpov in front of Needleman.


Heh, Ilardo again. Okay, I wouldn't necessarily trust him. Here is something else from Karpov:

BUENOS AIRES, September 21 (RIA Novosti, Yury Nikolayev) - The selection of participants for the upcoming world chess championship, scheduled for September 27-October 16 in St. Louis, Argentina, violated sports regulations, former world champion Anatoly Karpov said Wednesday.

"This can hardly be called a world championship, as the rules of sports were not observed," he said. "There was no [proper] selection. Of course, each of the eight candidates deserves respect, but others had no chance to have their say."


Would be wonderful if Karpov was playing...if he took chess seriously for awhile, i'm sure he'd still be back on top form.

I was in that place and when karpov losse hi get out at the moment whith angry

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