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Sorry to all who have been receiving errors, especially with the comments. I upgraded the blog to Movable Type 3.2. That should be "upgrade" since it's been a nightmare, compounded by changing the databases over to MySQL, which caused a passel of errors on its own. And then there are all the much-touted anti-comment-spam features of 3.2, which, all three of them combined, have allowed more spam through in two days than we saw in a year with 3.1 using the Blacklist plugin (which, of course, doesn't work with 3.2). Working on that, too. So bear with, please. I think the comments are working again now, at last. Mail me with any problems.


Figured I should be the first to test it out...

Well, another test.

Faithful reader,

Good job. I got the apparent error message / timeout yesterday, which led to an unsightly double post.

Thought I might as well test this, too, as so many messages are appearing twice.

To whom it may concern

My name is artista, im an artist originally from so. California, im seeking exposure
for my original art work.

I noticed that you do not have an art category , Chess art categories are becoming more comon and many of the other chess sites on the net are beginning to follow the trend. In addition to the products and services that you offer, prehaps you should consider creating an art category, giving your customers access to Quality Art work as well ?

... What is required for a possible link from your site to mine??

Thank You
signed.. Artista


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