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Pics 05 - Still Life with GMs

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More from my dozens of gigabytes of 99%-unpublished chess photos. (You can find the others by using the search with 'pics'.) You should be able to recognize all of the players in this horribly backlit photo from the 2002 Prague Eurotel rapid tournament VIP room. [GM Lubomir Kavalek, who was commenting on the games on a demo board behind me, says the woman in the picture is the Mrs. Sokolov.]

You can view larger versions of the same photo here: 800x600 / 1200x900.

My reports, interviews, and many more photos from that event, which was followed by the famous-if-fruitless Prague unification meeting, are at ChessBase in my columns #165, photos, #166, #167. #167 has a "blind" section (common in gossip columns) that you might have a guess at since it's long passed.


'some bulgarian guy'?... dawg!... thanks for the site for the past coupla weeks ... it's been my favorite.

Can somebody identify the other people in the photo? The only person I recognize is the "some Bulgarian guy".

"Can somebody identify the other people in the photo?"

Third from right is Ivan Sokolov. Far right looks like Teimur Radjabov. I think, but am not sure, that Mikhail Gurevich is second from right.

Give the man a ceeegar!

Thanks, but you *did* say that we "should be able to recognize all of the players."

Thanks, but you *did* say that we "should be able to recognize all of the players."

It's not easy to see this but Teimour is the only one looking at the camera.

Actually, I suppose Topalov might be looking at the camera too, hehe. Funny they are both perhaps looking out of the corner of their eyes at the camera. Or maybe it's something else...

What happened to chesscafe.com? I keep getting www.lunarpages.com! What's the deal?????

Morrowind, try chesscafe.com now. It's up for me.

Please Mig, keep posting this kind of pictures.

Nice composition, worthy of classical dutch masters.
Too bad about the harsh light.

Yah, and Radja ruined the effect by looking at me. Otherwise it really does look as oddly posed as a painting. I'll try to post one every few weeks; remind me if I don't.

Morrowind having the problem.
It seems chesscafe.com is playing web refugee on the http://uscfsales.com/ site.

I can access the articles and it shows the chesscafe/whatever pathname. But the homepage is giving me lunarpages...

EDIT: "I am" having the same problem.

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