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2005 Russian Superfinal R4

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It's still a log jam, although Sergey Volkov has distanced himself by taking charge of the cellar with .5/4. Svidler, Rublevsky, and Zvjaginsev lead with 3/4. Zvjaginsev flaunted his good form, almost tempting fate, by playing the King's Indian against Kramnik. This is the same Kramnik who was responsible for driving Kasparov away from one of his favorite openings by beating his KID in the famous Novgorod, 1997 game. Kasparov never played the King's Indian again (except in a blitz game against Kramnik the next year; he lost that one too).

Zvjaginsev had some new ideas and managed to suffer and survive by keeping all the play on the c-file. I don't think anyone has dared the KID against Kramnik since KID die-hard Smirin in the 2002 Russia vs the World rapid tournament. Smirin won, but the KID has been in decline at the top level since Kasparov gave it up. Radjabov is the other current adherent.

Most of the talk about the early rounds has now switched from Kramnik's first-round loss to Svidler to Morozevich's loss to Jakovenko in the third round. Morozevich, a GM at being a flake, apparently overslept and forfeited the game. He came back today to beat Khalifman in a fascinating game.


Any reason why Moro overslept?

I'm guessing here, but I'd say the most likely reason was because he was tired.

The chessbase headline "Morozevich wakes up in time, beats Khalifman" just made my evening - thanks a lot!

Yeah, a shame about the KID. Back in the early and mid-90's, everyone was playing it -- Kasparov, Polgar, Shirov, Topalov, et al. Then Kramnik revived the old 9. b4 variation and scattered them all to the winds as they scurried to find alternative defences.

I never got the feeling that Kasparov was completely comfortable against 1. d4 afterwards. He kept on switching between miscellaneous openings such as the Gruenfeld, Semi-Slav, QGA, QGD, etc. You didn't get the sense that there was another opening that he trusted implicitly, the way he did with the KID. But then, the KID had never felt entirely sound to begin with, as a few GM's have pointed out in interviews.

There has already been a long debate on Fabiano Caruana on italian chess forums, and the possibility of him playing in a B-team in Turin. He is surely eligible, because he's got Italian citizenship too.

I don't think he's been promised of anything, even if he's already no.2 junior in Italy. He is not in a provisional list of 4 players already nominated for the B-team. However he is on a (also provisional) list of junior players who should compete for the remaining 2 boards in a selection tournament. Details are here (in Italian): http://www.federscacchi.it/doc/notcom/d20051130095719_vb051126.pdf

Meanwhile, he's going to play in a rapid tournament near Milan on Dec 26, an event I hope to attend myself. With these juniors you never know, you may have a chance to play with a future world champion; alas, beating him is already out of my reach.


Massimiliano Orsi

ok folks, what I want to know is, does Moro have to forfeit rating points for his walkover? Think he shoudnt.. As for oversleeping and all that, its well known that some GMs prefer to work very late into the night, and habitually get up after noon. Dont find it that amazing that Moro could sleep so long, but I do find it amazing that he doesnt own an alarm clock. Anyway when he did turn up, showed his creative genius in one of the most analysed openings of all time.. Go Moro, Go!

Yes Volkov has lost 3 out of 4 games.

Kramnik has won one game. that game being against Volkov who is more than 100 elo points lower than kramnik.

some big deal by a Classical World Champion.

I like my Champion to do a little better.

If you forfit a game and dont play the game. then there is no loss of rating points. there is no gain of rating points for the winner either.

to gain or lose points you have to play the game.


If we can now choose a personal Champion then mine voice will go to Morozevich. I do not care about him been often on loosing side (or overslept for that matter) I like his competitive spirit and game fantasy math could be now left to computer and search for best way to make a draw to team of seconds ;-)

Dunno if this has been asked already...
Mig, any idea if Kasparov is following the tournament? His comments on the quality of games, Kramnik's performance so far etc?

What I find amusing is that Kramnik and Morozevich have the same score(in my view losing to an on-fire Svidler is much more passable then not waking up in time) and yet everyone is ragging on Kramnik and complementing Morozevich. Sure, Kramnik is the champ and all, but Moro is part of the super elite. What it goes to show you is that people have ideas about the players and they reinterpret their actions based upon these ideas. This is the way I see what has happened--- Kramnik right now is not as strong as Svidler. Kramnik is rusty, while Svidler is a well-oiled playing machine. It is understandable that he lost as black to him. Then, he beat Volkov okay. Next he played a decent novelty against Motylev. Finally he was pressing an in-form Zvjaginsev. Not impressive but not a disaster either.

Nice comment, DP.

Phrased another way, much of the commentary reads as, "That Kramnik guy is _horrible_! How can anyone play that badly? This guy is the worst chessplayer in the entire history of chess. Even my _dog_ plays better. But that Morozovich guy RULES! What style! What grace! He's on _fifty_percent_! And holding! And sometimes he even shows up on time!"

I thought

"Sakaev was obviously talking through his hat when he said Moro overslept"...or may be im donald duck?!

i thought
"Sakaev was obviously talking through his hat when he said Moro overslept"

DP, there's a saying if the hat fits, wear it. (Icepick,you're deluded and attacking strawmen) Personally speaking, I havent commented on Kramnik's games once in this thread. However I am thrilled to bits with Morozevich's play. Today he's playing another creative masterpiece and looks to be on top. However not sure whether he'll end up with a 1, 0 or 1/2 until the end! That dude rocks.

above all the kid's a good synogo.. attender..

Good play by Kramnik, making outta Toma 'otbivnoe',,fun to watch.

Morozevich wins again!! With Black!! And not just wins, but actually MATES the poor Volkov (who is a 2600+ GM btw)

A brilliant mate, check it out. I love Moro.
I'll send him an alarm clock for Xmas.

heh.. yep, Moro played a brilliant game, but think he actually prefers Black! Key matches will be Moro-Svidler and Moro-Kramnik, cos Kramnik looks to be winning today as well. Not to mention Rublevskey...

What a magnificent play by Kramnik! His game was a catogry above everyone else today!

Do you think that Moro overslept because he has a drug problem?

Kramnik's game looked really complex even at the end when he played Qb4 why doesn't Toma just go Qd3 or something. It looks like he has some tricks(although I am sure Kramnik is winning) in the position like Rd8 R:f7 or the like. I still don't think Kramnik's play is at its best, even if there are no blunders. He allowed a pretty dangerous attack. Also, little things like when he played Bd5, his opponent replied with the obvious Nc2 and Kramnik then took on g2 suggesting that he is having problems making decisions. The game was murky in otherwords, which is not typical of elite players.

Kramnik's play looked like a champion precisely because he allowed a dangerous attack turning his opponent into a laughing stock in the process, this is how Karpov humilliates his opponents. It's far easier to be the attacking side rather than on the recieving end of it and yet to defy and go on to win the game with black pieces takes some guts and class. Qd3 is met by Qd2 forcing the exchange and from there with the gone'er g5 and two passed pawns it doesn't take a genious to realise that the game is over.

Optically white had a straight forward attack but every critical square b2, g7 and h8 were controlled at all stages of the game. Marvelous play by Kramnik.

Sure winning a player rated almost 200 below you is an incredible achievement. After this game I'm again convinced Kramnik is the WC...
Btw, great performance by Rublesky: wins against Motylev, Dreev and Bareev and easy draw with black against Svidler.

Kramnik and Morozevich? Morozevich and Kramnik? Rublevsky also won today and he's in 1st place. Svidler is in 2nd. After 5 rounds, I'd like to give Rublevsky his due and keep it in perspective. If this offends anyone...oh well.

chessplayer, I did'nt see your post before entering mine; it's good to see someone else is looking at all the tournament results.

About the link to the russian chess site:


is there an english version of this site? I have seen some good commentary and analysis from Konstantin Sakaev on:

www.e3e5.com/eng (english translation)

"Sure winning a player rated almost 200 below you is an incredible achievement. After this game I'm again convinced Kramnik is the WC..."

I agree, Kramnik should have won that game 2-0. Remarkable comments from some people.

"If you forfit a game and dont play the game. then there is no loss of rating points. there is no gain of rating points for the winner either.

to gain or lose points you have to play the game."

Huh? This isn't the ICC, if you don't show up you LOSE the game and rating points.

"Huh? This isn't the ICC, if you don't show up you LOSE the game and rating points."
Remarkable comments from some people. But reading fide regulations suggests the opposite. You don't lose rating points if you don't play. Another issue is a forfait because of a mobile phone ringing or things like that, when you lose, because the game has already started

seriously? then I apologize, but i would have thought such a rule could easily be manipulated.

Another sequel in the "King without subjects" tragedy

There was quite an ironic twist to it: he did deserve to win, he was playing like Capablanca up until the moment he lost. Sad... just sad...

Bareev crushing Moro but not a consolation for the painterking

hmmmm...two points out of a national championship??! Kramnik who?

Moro lost his usual game, but cos of that walkover dont think he'll figure in this anymore :-( Still think Svidler will nip it at the end, though Rublevsky is playing great.

Kramnik is doing his best to thrill his many fans as he claws his way back into contention. Yeah, right - agrees a draw in 18 moves vs. Jakovenko (Round 9). Sponsors for his next title match are whipping out their checkbooks as we speak.

The Khalifman-Rublevsky game is a great advert for the Sofia drawing rules. Black gives up the queen for three pieces ... and the game is agreed drawn straightaway.

another moro madness today! Game seemed completely blocked, then insane complications suddenly ensure, and Moro walks off smiling..if only he owned an alarm clock...

and when will Svidler stop giving up points with the Gruenfeld?? What a horrid position he got himself into.. ugh. Nicely played by Bareev of course, great to see him challenging for the top spot. I think he's a similar kind of player to Kramnik, only better..

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