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IM Caruana

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Back in July I wondered if 13-year-old American Fabiano Caruana might be on the Olympiad team in 2008 or 2010. I believe he just received his third and final International Master norm by winning the latest "First Saturday" IM event in Hungary. And he might be playing in the Olympiad next year! But not for the US. John Henderson writes in to say that it's almost certain Caruana will be changing his federation from the US to Italy, where he will be residing with his family. Turin hosts the 2006 Olympiad and since the home nation gets multiple teams, it's very probable he'll be get a spot. (Indeed he may already have been promised one.)


US team is reserved for former USSR grandmasters

I have to agree that 'US player makes US team' would be more sensational :).

I have to agree that 'US player makes US team' would be more sensational :).

LOL, that double entry was due to the server. Feel free to delete one of the messages if u want.

Just think, Mig, you have a wonderful picture of you and Fabiano. I bet you've forgotten..no you wouldn't forget something like that.

Click on my name to see it. :)

Seems like he needs a rating of 2400 and ratification before he is IM Caruana.

Paul Hoffman wrote an excellent piece for the New Yorker four or five years ago, profiling Bruce Pandolfini, Fabiano's coach at the time. There are some interesting tidbits about Fabiano's early chess development in the article.



It is true that the IM title requires a minimum rating of at least 2400. However, this rating does not need to have ever been published, and can be achieved mid-rating period or indeed, mid-event. See section 1.50c of the FIDE handbook:


So it is possible that he achieved this in the process of getting his third norm--that's pretty common.

And of course you are right about certification. The application has to be submitted to FIDE (and if he's changing federations, that will be done by the new federation) and then each individual norm certified. So at the moment he is an IM-elect, not yet an IM. But clearly an event worth celebrating. :)

I was under the impression that he has already changed his federation to Italy?

'US player makes US team' would make a good headline in the satirical Onion newspaper (www.theonion.com).

FIDE still lists him as playing for the US. He may have already put in the paperwork to change, though.



The FIDE list isn't up to date. Probably they'll change it only for the next list in January. If I remember correctly, he was already playing as Italian in the Klaus-Junge-Open in Hamburg in October.

Yesterday Fabiano became GM, 16 days before 15 years old, a record for USA.

Yesterday Fabiano became GM, 16 days before 15 years old, a record for USA.

Duif, an easier answer is 'his rating is already 2549'.

OK I missed the antiquity of the thread.

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