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Corus 2006 r7

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Report now up at ChessBase, and Freddy is there now for photos and interviews and such. Topalov had no trouble with Sokolov's wild sacrifice and moves into clear first place. Karjakin and Carlsen both got winning endgames with what looked like tremendous ease. Weird. Leko almost blew the win against Kamsky, but his position was just overwhelming in too many ways to cope with.


Sure looks like Carlsen will be playing in the A group in 2007. Might as well win it too :)

Well, Carlsen is sporting the highest Tournament Performance Rating so far at Corus--including The Premier group. While he seems almost certain to win the B Group, andd thus gain an automatic slot in the 2007 WaZ A tournament, it seems increasingly likely that he'll be gaining enough rating points this year to be invited to elite RRs based on his ranking alone.
Certainly, we can expect that he'll be invited to an Elite event prior to next year's WaZ.

It's about time for the Norwegians to step up, and pony up the Euros necessary to create a new Super GM event. There is certainly ample room in the yearly schedule to add another top level event.

It looks like people are beginning to get afraid of Carlsen's tactical acumen. At least that might explain Naiditsch's freak out against Magnus in Round 6.

The other big story seems to be Karjakin. Most people would have viewed a 50% result by him as a fine achievement. Yet he's tied with Vishy for =2nd Place.

After only 7 rounds, everybody in the A tournament has lost a game. Certainly, kudos to the Corus organizers for inviting a good mix of players.

It will be interesting to se how Aronian fares in his remaining games. It would be a shame if he hit a wall at this event.

Poor Lahno...she's only managed a draw, and she still has to face Carlsen.

come on Mig give us Carlsen's Performance Rating so far. after 7 rounds.

the kid is good.

Why wait. put him into Group A now in the middle of the tournament.

Yes I would think some company up in Norway would get super great publicity out of setting up some kind of tournament or match for Carlsen. the fans are all going nuts up there. I am sure they would love the company that helps to arrange it.

I will say that if I were to have a son. I would want my son to be Magnus Carlsen. He is wonderful. Probably the entire world wants to have Magnus as their son.

It will be very interesting to get Garry's comments on Magnus after Corus. I bet Garry has his eye on Magnus.

Now there would be a matchup. Garry K personal trainer for Magnus Carlsen turning over his personal little black book of exciting secret moves to Magnus.

and will someone please light a fire under Gata Kamsky. I want him to win. Come on Gata you can do it. Gata has beat Anand and Magnus.

Topalov rules!!!

i hope carlsen will be invited to linares as radjabov in 2003!!

Performance ratings aside, I am much more impressed with Krajakin's perfomrance so far. Magnus, not doubt, has been superior and outstanding. I am very glad to see him doing so well, but a first finish in the B group is not in the same league as a tie for second with Anand, behind Topalov, but ahead of a slew of 2700's.

Of course, there is a long way to go, and anything can happen, but IF if it finishes that way, that is my take.

Carlsen has been magnificent but he has had a little luck too.

Time to look foolish: I'll predict David Navara will beat Magnus tomorrow in round 8 with the white pieces. They will then both be tied for the lead in the B group.

I'm pullin for Kamsky!

Here's a good name for that Brooklyn cat:

(drumroll please)....

Gato Kamsky!

But watch out, kitty, when you start pushing the paw-ns, that you don't commit a felinefehler.

Hey, Carlsen fans, don't rush! Remember to whom the kid lost in Khanty Mansiysk. Magnus is not ready yet for a full throttle Wijk A. His games against L'Ami and Naiditsch could easily turn into losses against likes of Leko and Svidler. Demolishing Wijk-B is a different thing. Let him play some team or solid semi-elite events against big guns.

Not to say I greatly enjoy his games, his progress, and wish him best!

Messed it up with negations early in the morning. :) Anyway, I was impressed with the way he skinned Dolmatov in 19 moves 2 years ago, and this year's win over Beliavsky in 20 moves is yet another milestone.

Looking forward to the games against Navara and Motylev.

Well, with Kamsky and Bacrot playing as they are, Wijk aan Zee is looking toward a milestone of its own.

Does anyone know the last time the last-place finisher wasn't Dutch, and who he was? Hint: he was German.

Both Anand and Topalov are now 5.5 points on top of the crosstable as expected.

Leko is currently occupying 8th place. If Kramnik had joined the tournament, he would almost sure shares a place with his equal, Leko between 8-9th or probably even lower. I believe more on Leko than Kramnik. If their match last 2004 was bit longer, there is a big probability that Leko could dethrone Kramnik, but he is lucky to get 7-7 score.

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