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San Diego Calling

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We hope you are also packing your bags for the US Championship in San Diego. (Easy for me, I still haven't unpacked from my holiday travels.) In case you are, the NY Times today dedicates their "36 Hour" travel section to downtown San Diego. I saw virtually nothing of the city during the last championship despite being in the area for almost two weeks. We were sequestered in nearby La Jolla, which has no convenient public transportation to the city, and I was working 20 hours a day and never left the hotel.

This year's event is more centrally located and some of the finer fish taco places should be well in range. I'm hoping to get at least a little use out of the San Diego guidebook I bought last time and never bothered to unpack. In fact, it might still be in my suitcase... See you at the Hash House!

Btw, sign-ups have started for the US Championship Kids Simul on March 4.


Mig, while your in San Diego, make sure you check out old town, and the guy on the beach who balances the rocks.
Have a great time!

Yeah, they also have this tiny little zoo with just a few animals wondering around the premises... and some are cute cuddley kitties!

Chesstraveler- That's called a house.

Oh yeah, The San Diego House.

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