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Hit the Beach!

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The US Championship starts tomorrow and I'm off to San Diego.

Linares 06 at the Half

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Leko leads, Aronian second, Svidler third. Topalov a disastrous 2.5/7. The second half of the tournament will begin March 3.

2006 Women's WCh

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The 2006 FIDE Women's World Championship starts in Russia on March 10. Pairing tree published.

US Championship Countdown

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Starting in five days! Website getting ready; will Kreiman play?

Linares 2006 r5

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Leko in clear first after Svidler bungles endgame against Aronian. Topalov scores first win.

Linares 2006 r4

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Topalov loses to Radjabov; Leko and Svidler win again to move to 3.5/4.

US Ch Player Groups

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Full groups are announced. Nakamura top seed in one, Kamsky the other.

Linares 2006 r3

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Incredible Topalov-Aronian game, drawn. Others lame draws. Leko and Svidler lead on 2.5/3.

Kreiman Punishment (Not)

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The USCF has decided not to ban Boris Kreiman from the US Championship after allegations of game fixing during his qualification.

Linares 2006 r2

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Another fighting day with three decisive games. Leko and Svidler on 2/2.

Linares 2006 r1

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Three decisive games to start the show. Svidler-Topalov 1-0. Always happy to see the Berlin lose.

Morelia Open - Linares Coverage

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Morelia Open pairings link, Linares coverage notes.

Q&A with Bessel Kok

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I finally posted our Q&A with everyone's favorite candidate for FIDE president. The "to do list" in the first question are vague boilerplate ("Better management of resources available"? Brilliant!), but most of the answers have real meat on the bones....

Linares, Buey!

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Linares starts tomorrow, in the Mexican town of Morelia. Topalov the heavy favorite.

Aeroflot, Aerofrance

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Eljanov leads Aeroflot with two rounds to play; 15-year-old Frenchman in with a chance.

Cuernavaca Tiebreak Confusion

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Now the arbiter is saying that Vallejo Pons won the title on tiebreaks ahead of Ponomariov. Eh?

Sunday Snow Blogging

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Snow pic, open thread.

Cuernavaca 2006 Ends

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Vallejo Pons and Ponomariov tie for first with 6.5/9. Nakamura wins in final round for clear third.

2006 US Ch Rules

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Regulations and prize fund of the 2006 US Championship.

Cuernavaca 2006 r6

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Another exciting day in Mexico. All the leaders won, including a pretty pushback by Nakamura over Felgaer.

64 Chosen Ones

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The complete list of 64 players at the US Championship is ready. Five replacements named.

Cuernavaca 2006 r5

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After a peaceful start, a lot of blood was spilled for the second round in a row. All five games decisive!

Early Draw Offer

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Nakamura's latest annotations in Black Belt mention an early draw offer from his opponent. A very early offer.

Cuernavaca 2006 r2-3

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Nakamura beats Volokitin to share the lead after two rounds.

Pics 06 - Media Krush

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Latest of my occasional photo items. American IM Irina Krush from 2004.

Cuernavaca 2006 R1

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This mighty event of young stars starts today.

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