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Cuernavaca 2006

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A great junior-ish event starts Feb. 2. Ponomariov, Karjakin, Nakamura, seven others.

Wanted: Wojtkiewicz & Tate

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The AF4C is putting out an APB for US Championship qualifiers Aleks Wojtkiewicz and Emory Tate.

2006 US Ch Wildcards

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2006 US Championship wildcards announced. Alex Lenderman and Max Dlugy.

Women Troubles 2

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Alternative format for the women's championship rejected. A few women withdraw.

Corus 2006 r13

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Topalov draws and Anand wins to create a fitting tie for first. Carlsen and Motylev tie for first in B Group.

Morelia International Cancelled

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The site of the Morelia Chess Festival now announces that the big international open has been cancelled.

Corus 2006 r12

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Topalov-Anand a short draw. Kamsky wins again! Final round tomorrow.

Corus 2006 r11

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The round is still underway. Ivanchuk was worse against Topalov, then better, now looks like a draw.

FIDE Confirms... Something

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FIDE confirms Ilyumzhinov's statement about Kramnik-Topalov, but that's not saying much.

Corus 2006 r10

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Veselin Topalov played a spectacular game to beat Aronian today and leads by a half-point. Rest day Thursday.

FIDE Hints Topalov-Kramnik Match

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FIDE has announced a match between FIDE champion Veselin Topalov and classical champ Vladimir Kramnik in September in Elista.

Corus 2006 r9

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A lack of top-ten battles today in Wijk aan Zee, but Karjakin-Topalov is critical for the standings. Topalov has already had his armor dented (as has everyone else) and we can hope that the youngster will swing for the fences...

Topalov Shuffle

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He also talks about comps in this article. Nothing much new, although I was surprised to hear that Topalov has never played shuffle chess.

Corus 2006 r8

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Anand moved back into a tie for the lead with Topalov after Bacrot collapsed against the Indian.

Plagiarism Chronicle

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Since we've been talking so much about cheating chessplayers, why not a bit about cheating chess writers?

Corus 2006 r7

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Topalov had no trouble with Sokolov's wild sacrifice and he moves into clear first.

San Diego Calling

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The NY Times today dedicates their "36 Hour" travel section to downtown San Diego, the site of the US Championship that begins on March 1.

Indian Givers

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A tidbit from the daily deluge of Indian chess coverage. The New Delhi kids want to see Kasparov!

Friday Cat Blogging 7

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A Brooklyn cat in honor of Gata Kamsky's win over Anand. He's now beaten Vishy twice in a row. Every ten years like clockwork! A close-up of Morrigan taken with my new Canon Rebel XT and a 28mm f1.8 lens....

Corus 2006 r6

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Kamsky beats Anand to bring back thoughts of his 1995 glory days. Carslen leads the B Group after a beating Naiditsch.

Cheating Heart Attack

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Something may actually be done about allegations of game fixing by a US Championship qualifier.

Corus 2006 r5

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Anand back in the sole lead after crushing a pathetic Leko. Ivanchuk beats Kamsky.

US Championship Updates

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The qualifiers are over, five spots left. Two are "extras." How to decide them? Jillson women's brilliancy prize announced.

Corus 2006 r4

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A strange round with three wins by black. Anand and Topalov share the lead.

Corus 2006 r3

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Anand now leads, both his wins coming with black. Bacrot played a few horrible endgame moves to lose to Topalov. Kasparov comments.

Women Troubles

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US Championship news, including a potential shake-up for the women's event to allow them to also play in the FIDE Women's World Ch.

Corus 2006 r2

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Pretty good bang for our buck in the first round, I'd say. The ChessBase report should soon be updated with some notes from me and comments from Kasparov.

Corus 2006

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The games are underway in this annual classic. Wijk aan Zee, as usual, brings together the super-elite, the top Dutch players and a few intrigues.

Busy New Year

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Recent news summary. Lots of news to catch up on, individual items forthcoming.

Korchnoi vs Cow

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A link to view a TV commercial with Viktor Korchnoi playing a game against a cow. Really.

Kasparov in the ACP

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Kasparov is listed in the voting rolls of the ACP, but with good reason.

2006 Keres Rapid

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Alexei Shirov scored 0.5/9 at the Keres Memorial Rapid.

Our Questions for Bessel Kok

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Below is the letter and the questions I sent to the Bessel Kok and Ali Nihat Yazici campaign for the FIDE presidency.

Mamedyarov Replaces Kramnik at Corus

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Shakhriyar Mamedyarov of Azerbaijan has replaced Vladimir Kramnik in Group A at Corus Wijk aan Zee.

Ill Kramnik Exits Corus

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A press release by Vladimir Kramnik announces his withdrawal from the Jan. 13 Corus Wijk aan Zee supertournament and his treatment for a severe form of arthritis.

2006 Candidates Pairings

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FIDE has gone ahead and announced the pairings for the 2006 six-game candidates matches.

Fischer for Sale

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Our man in Iceland, BradMajors, reports in the comments that the lost/looted Fischer possessions someone was trying to auction on Ebay may now be returning to Fischer in Iceland.

Running of the Ponomariov

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Ponomoriov ran from the World Cup to Pamplona, where he won smoothly against an interesting field. Why is he back in the top ten and why did he leave it for two years?

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