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Moro & Anand Win Amber 06

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Morozevich and Anand share first in combined score.

Question Time for Kasparov

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Kasparov on BBC panel show tonight, viewable later online. Submit your own questions for Kasparov.

Teen Dream

| Permalink | 37 comments
Vintage Anand photos and highlights.

Shirov Is Back!

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Shirov wins Poikovsky tournament with 6/9.

Chess Poster, Cheap

| Permalink | 34 comments
On Ebay: $1200 for a 1927 poster of "The Chessplayer". Memorabilia chitchat.

Xu Yuhua Women's Champ

| Permalink | 16 comments
Xu Yuhua defeats Alisa Galliamova to become new women's world champion.

Birthday Boys

| Permalink | 14 comments
Victory Korchnoi is 75, Vassily Smylov is 85. Viva!

Tournaments a Go-Go

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Amber, Poikovsky, Women's world championship final match.

Melody Amber 2006

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Blindfold / rapid event underway. Topalov, Anand, Aronian, etc. Kramnik withdraws.

Poikovsky 2006

| Permalink | 8 comments
Strong event in Siberia with Ponomariov, Bareev, Shirov, and Onischuk.

US Ch 2006 Photo Gallery

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Giant final photo gallery.

US Ch 2006 Awards

| Permalink | 14 comments
Championship match review, Larsen Prize, blogging awards.

2006 Women's WCh

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Ekaterinburg, Russia, already down to the final eight players. More women's chess pondering.

US Ch 2006 Prize List

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I just added the full prize list to the US Championship website standings and crosstable page.

2006 US Ch Recap #1

| Permalink | 37 comments
The first of many items with thoughts and tidbits from the championship.

The Last Blunder

| Permalink | 72 comments
Prize fund distribution error mars closing ceremony of 2006 US Championship

2006 US Championship Final

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Onischuk faces Shulman in the final. Goletiani-Zatonskih is the women's final match. 10am PST for the women, 1pm for the men.

Aronian Wins Linares 2006

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Armenia's Levon Aronian played interesting, combative chess throughout and beat Leko in the final round to seal the deal.

ChampBlog 2006

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Who's in front for the US Championship Best Blogger prize?

Chimi Rocks!

| Permalink | 89 comments
Batchimeg "Chimi" Tuvshintugs beat her third GM of the tournament today.

2006 US Ch r3-5

| Permalink | 20 comments
US Championship, a few notes a few ramblings.

Linares 2006 r10-11

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Leko still holds slim lead, most of the action taking place at the bottom of the crosstable.

2006 US Ch r2

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The player blog of the US Championship is back up. I'm offering prizes to the best bloggers!

Linares 2006 r8-9

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Topalov making a comeback, now on an even score after two wins in a row. Leko still leads.

2006 US Ch r1

| Permalink | 45 comments
Nakamura loses to Friedel. Various web adventures and links.

USCh Under Construction

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Setup is still frantically underway at NTC Promenade here in San Diego.

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