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2006 WCh Match

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Press conference in Moscow with Ilyumzhinov and Topalov to formally announce the 2006 Topalov-Kramnik WCh match.

Kasparov Meets G�del

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Garry Kasparov is delivering a lecture at the Gödel Cententary in Vienna today.

Cookies from FIDE

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FIDE website now placing hundreds of third-party cookies.


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We now resume our regularly schedule inanity.

Our Computer Overlord Speaks

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Hydra programmer Chrilly Donninger on the recent Freestyle tournament.

Sport Express on VT-VK

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Ilyumzhinov says Mexico wants the next final match.

FIDE Announces Kramnik-Topalov Match

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FIDE announces 12-game match starting Sep. 21, 2006.

Zap(!?)pa Goes ChessBase

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The 2005 computer champ Zappa is now available from ChessBase as Zap!Chess.

National Championship Beat

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New formats, new champions around the world.

Rating List Corrections

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Ivanchuk moves up from #10 to #7. A few other changes in the top 100.

2006 Euro Championship

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Ivanchuk leads after seven of eleven rounds.

New Fischer Documentary

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Sunday night on "GSN," "The Mad Genius of Bobby Fischer."

Topalov Match

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Topalov playing Nisipeanu. Will there be a Kramnik match?

Kosteniuk in Penthouse

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Article on Alexandra Kosteniuk. Not naked.

April 2006 Rating List

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The real list this time. Topalov leads, a single point ahead of Anand.

The Costs of Chess

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The NY Times on costs of chess for kids, also celebrity chess TV coming soon.

Dominoes on ESPN

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The title is not a joke. Poker, Scrabble, and now dominoes.

Ilyumzhinov Tops April Rating List

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In a remarkable leap, FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov passed Vishy Anand and Veselin Topalov to take the #1 spot in the April, 2006 FIDE rating list.

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