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90 Degrees of Annoyance

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The latest from the dark-square mafia in this poster for the play "The Chess Players" now on sale at Ebay. But I do like the Ilyumzhinov-style sideways approach.


That is a scene from the movie in which the chess-obsessed characters pay a visit to a friend on his deathbed. While waiting to see him, they find a chessboard in the living room and surreptitiously play some moves. Hence the "sideways approach".

How do you find such stuff anyway?

Breaking news for Mig:


"(Sofia, May 15, 2006) The manager of the World Champion Veselin Topalov Silvio Danailov and the Minister of Sport of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov agreed yesterday on a match for the world title to be held between Topalov and the Azerbaijanian Teimour Radjabov (ELO 2720). All conditions of the World Champion have been accepted and the two sides have signed a memorandum.

The match will probably take place in April 2007 in Baku. The award fund will be $ 1,5 million, of which $ 1 million will be for Topalov. According to the rules of FIDE every chess player with ELO over 2700 can challenge the World Champion in a match for the title. Radjabov, currently number 13 in the FIDE ranking will be the next challenger for it if Topalov defends it in the match against Kramnik in September this year in the capital of Kalmykia - Elista.

Does this mean that the Kramnik-Topalov match was just a publicity stunt and that it will suffer the same fate as Yalta and so many other FIDE events once Ilyumshinov is reelected?

I notice the board in the poster has the obligatory "Black at the right" orientation. This happens too often to be chance.

As "severin" pointed out on the ChessNinja message boards already, Azmaiparashvili said that they don't even consider that Topalov could lose against Kramnik. (Taken from the German ChessBase site where they have a Dagobert Kohlmeyer interview about the topic.)

Did Azmaiparashvili/FIDE officially take part in the negotiations?

Will FIDE get the "usual" fee of $ 300,000? Doesn't this create a conflict of interests as FIDE risks losing that money in case Kramnik wins?

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