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MTel 2006 Round 5

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Topalov finally picked up his first win of the event and he did it against the leader Kamsky. The world #1 kept an opening cramp and then broke up the black position with a nice exchange sacrifice. He prosecuted the kingside attack with ruthless precision to net the victory. The other games were drawn so Kamsky shares the lead at the half with +2 along with Anand. Topalov and Svidler have even scores while Ponomariov and Bacrot are in the tank at -2. Every player lost a game in the first half.


It looked like Kamsky lost his composure after Topalov's exchange sacrifice. At that point, it still looked like the position could be saved for Black, before Kamsky played several tactical inaccuracies.

Kamsky's ...Bxe5 just has to be wrong, doesn't it? I haven't checked in Fritz, but I don't see a clear refutation of 23...Ra7 planning 24...Be6. Black could even try ...a5, it isn't like he's out of ideas; why hand off the two bishops (and the better of your two)? The knight on d5 looks to be a permanent resident so f7 is decently safe.

Disappointing to see him rolled like that after the first four rounds.

I think the lesson here is NEVER give Topalov a chance to sack the exchange for the initiative. When will people learn?

man, awesome game by Topalov. Spanked Kamsky badly, looked like a VERY high quality game.

Of course, I simply must agree with Icepick!
But aside from that, this is a game that is worth looking into quite closely.
My first impression (checked with Fritz) is that 35. ... Qd4 was quite horrible, although Black probably has no hope at that point anyway.

Nice symmetry in the standings now: 2 at +2, 2 at =, 2 at -2.

Oh boy, Topalov really made Kamsky look like a 2671 player in that game.

29... Kf7 has merits as a defense, while later
33... Rg8 with some hope to save the game, as
34. Qh6 is met by 34... Raf8.
The move played 33... Rad8? lost just enough time as
34. Qh6 seems winning there.

I wish Topalov would make me look like a 2671 player!

My initial feeling was that Kamsky played really well when on defense and even got some nice counterplay. Am I completely off?

"My initial feeling was that Kamsky played really well when on defense and even got some nice counterplay. Am I completely off?"

In today's game vs Topalov? I don't think so.

I just finished going over the game, and as much as I want to see Kamsky continue to do well I have to agree with Marc. I didn't see counterplay for Kamsky at all. He shuffled his knights around after book and controlled a useless d file a little later. Then he did a little dance with his queen and put his king back in the center where it suffered humiliation. Topolov totally dominated.

Noodling with Fritz: after 29...Kf7, the game line doesn't work: 30. Re5 Nf6 31. Qe3 Rad8 32. Ba5 Qd1+ 33. Kh2 Rh8 34. Bxd8?? Ng4+!

The game continuation does suggest that the king was misplaced on h7.

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