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Biel 06 r4

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Morozevich moved into a tie for first with Carlsen by beating Radjabov in an extraordinarily complicated game. Moro has yet to draw a game. All three games were good fights today. The endgame from Morozevich-Radjabov should have rung a few bells.

The first is from Carlsen-Radjabov in the second round. On the right is Morozevich-Radjabov. An amusing anti-matter coincidence. The first diag is drawn. The second is very hard for Black to defend, but I haven't had time to figure out or look up if it's a forced win. It looks like it should be but there are tricky blockades in here in which White can't make progress if he pushes his pawns too soon. In the diagram Black played 81.Kf7 and lost quickly after 82.Kf5. Even after 81..Ke5 you can't keep the white king off f5 forever and that should win for White. [Update: We're 99% sure this ending it's a forced draw. See lines below.]


I was wondering if not 87..Nc6 might hold. 88.h6 Ne5+ 89.Kh5 Kf7 looks like a draw through blockade. 88.Kf4 Nd4!? and if 89.Bb2/Ba3 Ne2+ 90.Kg4 c1=Q 91.Bxc1 Nxc1 it's a tablebase draw although Black has to be very exact. 88.g6 Kf6 89.Bb2 Ne5+! followed by ..c1=Q and ..Nxg6. What else?
Posted by: acirce at July 27, 2006 17:43

Yah, even with just ten minutes of looking at it there are draws all over the place. Even if you go back to the last pawn push it looks drawn. 87..Kf7 looks like the losing blunder. The amusing trick and why ..Nc6 holds against the main line is 87..Nc6 88.g6 Kf6 89.Bb2+ (89.Kf4 Nd4!) 89..Ne5+! 90.Kf4 c1Q+ 91.Bxc1 now either ..Nxg6 or ..Nd3+ picking up the bishop and drawing.

Fun stuff there, although I'm still surprised that this is drawn. With the bishop having so many useful-looking squares to use to try and create zugzwang it looks very good. The black pawn is just close enough to be in the field of influence of the knight.
Posted by: Mig at July 27, 2006 19:30

Great game by Carlsen vs Bruzon.

Both fought fiercely but their strength is equal so it was a draw.
Posted by: Luis Rod at July 27, 2006 21:54

Isn't it possible, just possible, that Volokitin's games are actually being played by Christian Slater:


Posted by: r at July 27, 2006 23:22

I dont think Bruzon is equal to Magnus.

I believe strongly that Magnus is playing stronger chess today than Bruzon. it was simply a draw. I like Bruzon, and Bruzon plays some great games and he was up for playing Magnus. he played well and never presented Magnus with a killer opportunity.

I think their elo's are almost equal but not their playing strength. Magnus is playing much better than his present elo.

just my personal opinion.
Posted by: Frank H at July 27, 2006 23:43

another brilliant effort by Moro so far. Shuffled his Q and a knight and umpteen pawns and left both Bs and both Rs untouched until move 21 in a Slav madness, and seems to have a pawn to the good with a better pos now! Think he turned down the chance of an xchg, but could be wrong..
Posted by: d at July 28, 2006 11:13

Thankfully, Magnus has finally lost - his fan club has been irritating me recently by trumpeting his wins very loudly and claiming that he is wildly underated.
Posted by: Laj at July 28, 2006 13:18

ha ha ha is so funny position same yes?
Posted by: Chop Suey Hang Bang at July 28, 2006 17:15

But Morozevich miss a simple win on move 49 like I said on Quebecechecs.com and chessgames.com live during the game:

(from chessgames.com on the kibitzer's corner of the game:)

Reggie T: 49. Bh4+ (instead of Qd7+) g5 50. fxg5 hxg5 (50...Qe5+ 51. Bg3) 51. Bxg5+! was simple (51...Nxg5 52.Qc7+ Kf8 53. Rd8 mate; 51...Qxg5 52. Rxe6+ will win easily and 51...Kf7 52. Qd7+ Kg8 Rxe6)
Posted by: Réjean Tremblay at July 28, 2006 17:30

>> Isn't it possible, just possible, that Volokitin's games are actually being played by Christian Slater?

That is absurd. Completely and totally absurd. Everyone knows that Christian Slater is a d4-player.
Posted by: mike henroid at July 29, 2006 11:27

yeah tremblay, that sure completely nullifies his brilliant play, that he chose to win in another way, pointed out by somebody running 10 engines while sitting at home and drinking coffee. Well spotted, I'll be sure to watch you at Biel next year.
Posted by: d at July 31, 2006 04:56

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