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Biel 06 r5

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All three games decisive in the Biel GM tournament. Carlsen loses to Volokitin with white while Morozevich beats Pelletier with black to move into clear first after three straight wins. Radjabov defeated Bruzon to move into second place. Pelletier is already in the cellar alone. Tomorrow, the 29th, is a rest day. Daily live games here, which serves as a replay page until the next round starts.


Morozevich is on a tear since losing to Carlsen.

This tournament is the first chance I've had to observe Carlsen. He is the real thing. Energetic, fearless and relentless on the attack.

Got outplayed by Volokitin today, though. Probably lost right out of the opening.

Looking forward to the Moro-Carlsen rematch. My money is on the veteran.
Posted by: boz at July 28, 2006 13:43

Bad game by Carlsen. Good idea attempting that counter attack though but it was not a problem for Volokitin.
Posted by: acirce at July 28, 2006 15:15

Yeah, Carlsen got his goodies rocked on the light squares! The dark squared attack looked so juicy for about .7 seconds.
Posted by: Todd C. Reynolds at July 28, 2006 15:46

L. Fressinet seemed involved with Skripchenko as well at World Open?!
Posted by: gossip makes me sick at July 28, 2006 16:49

I am sure Mig confused Pelletier with Fressinet. Quite unforgivable for a gossip expert!
Posted by: migtheconfused at July 28, 2006 18:26

Oops! On the other hand, not a bad way to start a scandal.
Posted by: Mig at July 28, 2006 19:37

another fascinating game by Moro, and I have to say Carlsen is playing exceedingly well. This is going to be the 7th decisive game in a row for Moro
Posted by: d at July 31, 2006 11:31

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