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From the doomed romantic department. Came upon this position while preparing tonight's Black Belt. It's from Sadvakasov-Zaikov, round 5 of the 2006 World Open. Black to play. White has consolidated and the Black king has nowhere to go in the long run.

Black resigned a few moves after trying 21..Qh3 22.Bd4 Kf8 23.fxe6. In the diagram Black has a wittier move, although it's also insufficient. It's a pretty sequence though. Check out 21..Be1?! luring the queen into a pin on the rook. 22.Qxe1 Bxg2 with some desperate counterplay. White has better, leading to another amusing bishop plunge. 21..Be1 22.Rfe2 sez Fritz 22..Bf3 cute, but White is still winning after 23.Qb3. The White king is surrounded by black pieces but is safe while the black king is far from the action but can't be defended.

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