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Future FIDE Fiddling

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Since the FIDE elections I've been hinting that there are various forces at work to take on pieces of the Bessel Kok agenda, either inside or outside of FIDE. It's all been off the record so far, so I was happy to receive a copy of a Sep. 21 article by Rob Velthuis in the Dutch newspaper Trouw sent in by Ian Rogers that discusses one of the plans that had been floating around. As described, FIDE would put Kok in charge of all professional chess operations, including the current world championship cycle. You know, the one with the disappeared candidate matches that lead to the San Luis-style world championship tournament in Mexico City next Fall. (Also the Olympiad and the women's and junior's titles.) FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Kok met last Friday in Ukraine to discuss it. Amsterdam would likely be the base of this new operation.

In the article, Kok said "I let him know my conditions and he shook my hand and promised he would come back to me with a complete proposal. It's mad, but everything is bizarre in FIDE. We had a deal about this in 2002 and nothing came of it." I believe he then makes a joke about Kirsan's blaming the collapse of the Prague agreement on astrology. It all looks very pie-in-the-sky so far.

If this all sounds like it could just be a way for Ilyumzhinov to hand off a problem child so he can blame someone else if it fails, that doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad idea. If Kok is given actual authority instead of just the responsibility, this could be a Good Thing. This FIDE presidential board might produce some news, but of course it's entirely Ilyumzhinov's personal decision. There is also a new wildcard, a third party with a proposal to run the next world championship (2007-2010). That pitch is taking place right now in Elista. I recently ate excellent blini and chocolate cake with the person doing the pitching, so I expect to have good info on how things went when it's over!


Interesting, but stupid. Reminds me of my chess teacher saying, "Just because one is good AT chess does not mean that one is good FOR chess." We need to have the Powers That Be grasp The Big Picture and put the Royal Game ahead of their personal agendas. (Yeah, Right!) Now, back to earth...there is a way. In China they call it the Power Of The Way. In chess that is the players. The unification of the title is wonderful, but what I want to see is a unification of the players. Look what it did for the benefits of the players in MLB. (NFL does not count.) Perhaps a merger of the independent contractor status of PGA tour players with sponsorship and MLB would do the trick of the GMs? Just thinking out loud. Thanks for the Forum Mig...Namaste.

does this mean Kirsan will be Kok's boss. Kok will be working for Kirsan.

It means that Kirsan will be riding Kok.

The ACP should be controlling professional chess and leave FIDE the Amatuer aspect of chess. It seems like the ACP just wants to whine and complain about conditions of hotels. Professional certification shouldn't be given for getting the Amatuer title of Grandmaster. The ACP should control professional certification of players through standards they themselves decide upon. But calling every GM a pro in this day and age is just silliness the FIDE standards are far too low.

Max Dlugy is here in Elista. :)

This was mentioned briefly in the FIDE Presidential Board report at http://www.worldchess2006.com/main.asp?id=932

along with:

"In order to resolve difficulties in the organization of the Candidate matches, the Board offered a round-robin tournament for the 16 players as an alternative to the original form of the competition. President Ilyumzhinov offered to hold all the matches or the tournament in Elista."

*bangs head against wall*

In Elista, and in April (April 5th is the most likely date). But if you have money to spare and want to organize the matches at your place, contact office@fide.com.

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