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What's the Problem?

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Thanks to everyone who posted it or sent it in. You may stop now. Speaking of humor, how about this from Ilyumzhinov's latest?

–Is there any deadline for taking final decisions? –Today. In the worst case, tomorrow before noon.

–What will happen in the hypothetical case if the parties do not find any compromise?
–There will be no continuation of the match.

–The match will be stopped… And what will happen then?
–Mr. Campomanes called me yesterday (laughing), he is ready to come here!

Excellent. Campomanes is standing by! (For you newbies, Florencio Campomanes was the FIDE president who cancelled the 1984-85 Karpov-Kasparov world championship match.) For further tragi-comic observation, sharp-eyed reader John Henderson points out that the second photo from the top on this ChessBase report may offer irrefutable (if not water-tight) evidence in Kramnik's defense. I hope that's a trick of the light.

As Kasparov just pointed out to me, Ilyumzhinov is about the only one in Elista without a vested interest in the match ending now. (That includes the appeals committee.) It may cost him $$$ to get it back on track. (HAVE THE PLAYERS ALREADY BEEN PAID??) Garry will probably have a piece on this mess in the Wall Street Journal on Monday. Also, interesting letter from John Nunn here. I don't think it's any shock to hear that Topalov is FIDE's horse in this though. He is quite literally their champion.

For you conspiracy buffs out there, how about if this is all just a PR stunt that 1) gets the game and this rivalry into the news, 2) allows everyone to leave still a champion, and 3) provides an excuse for both of them to play in the Mexico City WCh tournament in 2007, which can be billed as a showdown. Note that Kramnik's participation in this could be unknowing.


You just found the solution! :o))

Yeah, that pic is making the rounds! Sheesh, is it no surprise Krammer spends all his time on that padded seat?

Some links:

Evgeny Atarov's minute-by-minute chronicle of the crucial events, including which questions were asked of whom at the press conference


Yuri Vasiliev has a (surprisingly unbiased) recap of the events, including a verbatim transcript of Kramnik's comments at the press conference.


And this is the most priceless of all! Before the match, Danailov gave an interview to "64".


Sixth question:

64: What will you say about the anti-computer measures?

SD: I personally insisted that all these measures would be as strong as possible, and that nobody would be left with doubts about the validity and honesty of the final score. People who spread all kinds of rumours don't understand what they're doing! They bring harm to professional chess (which is already in difficult circumstances), scare off sponsors...

It's so apparent! Topolov was right! Kramnik has been cheating! Oh my gawd how could he? It's still an invasion of privacy and I'm still dropping Topolov for Kramnik! With all this state of the art equipment how can I not?

In my opinion, what happens now depends on how scared Kirsan is of Zhukov and his possible influence on Putin. If very, then he will bribe Topalov with however much it will take to give up the forfeited point. If not so very, then he will leave it at an impasse and let the match end.

It's silly really are they going to stand outside stall door and listen
while the poor guy flushes done now can I come on out without
the cameras watching?! *sigh*

Maybe he should wave to the camera he's finished if it's closed
circuit with no sound?! as for cheating I don't think so he's
2743 he doesn't need fritz.


kirsan seems to be trying to keep the match going and maybe we will see an apologizing topalov tomorrow, above all for he surely wants the half million

or we will see an apologizing Kramnik ? :)

Kirsan will not bribe anybody. Putin's pressure is maximal, and Putin is - that's an euphemism - not precisely a democrat.

Either Kirsan finds a solution, or he risks to be forced to leave all his golden seats.

Kramnik has principles, and won't change any of his (justified) requests. That means, score is 3-1, Danailov (although I don't see much love in him) will have to apologize, rules of the match will be respected, and the appeal commitee will be fired, or the match is just over.

Kramnik is in the driver's seat, and that's why he choosed to overreact to Danailov-Topalov outrageous behavior. He has all reasons to stop the match right now, he would be seen by everybody as a victim, and Topalov himself probably doesn't realizes well that this match could perfectly his last chess event.
I don't think that a lot of chess organizers would invite him in the future, as I don't think that a lot of top chess players would just accept to shake hands and play against him after all this mess.

Topalov went too far. Far enough to start considering him ... simply nuts. A lot of his declarations show that in a close future he may perfectly end up in Helsinki.

If Kramnik stops right now, he's 1) a victim 2) legitimate world champion 3) has finally managed to destroy the fide and Kirsan alone (Kasparov himself didn't achieve this goal, and ... less that you can say is that he tried a lot !!!) and last but not least 4) has managed to save the WC title against all Fide attempts to kill it.

Kramnik's in just in the driver's seat, and he knows it. Would sb like Kasparov be in his place, Kirsan would have no chance. But maybe he'll prove to be too gentle to finish the job, because ... if he just takes his car to Tuapse, then today's fide is certainly over.

agree, besides kramnik was orginizing matches wich are the best way to find the real wcc, while fide produces those flawed tournaments and knockouts

I am no fan of Ilyumzhinov, but I must say his comments in the press conference are almost statesmanlike, under the circumstances.

The best comment: "There is only one lever, which I mentioned to both Kramnik and Topalov – millions of chess fans all over the world, who are looking forward to beautiful games and not for legal disputes. This is the most important issue! I told them: break away from your disputes, look around, you are not playing only for yourselves, you are playing for the entire chess world. You are the ones who say that chess is in lack of investors, and now you are doing everything in order to even decrease their number. Yesterday and today I keep receiving telephone calls from the representatives of those companies, which I attract for sponsoring of the chess competitions. They are asking me: 'How come, the two most intelligent chess players cannot share a toilet with each other? So no sense for us to interfere, with our millions....'"


I don't agree with your statement that Topalov will not get any invites from organisors.

No matter what happens off the board, Topalov remains the world's most exciting player. He is an organisor's dream.

In many posts we are missing the point that it is the Appeal's committee which caused this mayhem. Topalov's complaint (no matter how stupid) was his right and nothing wrong.

The appeal's committee answer to it however had loads of flaws which brought this situation.

Maybe one of the solution to this if FIDE really want a solution (I think it does) is that the appeal's committee recognize their mistake, admit it, and resign en bloc. In their statement they should appologize for causing all this inconvenience and state that all their decision taken were incorrect and should be voided.

A new appeal's committee to which both parties agree to is set up, they will reply to Topalov's complaint and the match continues from game 5.


Topalov hasn't demonstrated this kind of behavior in the past, so his career will still survive no matter what happens here. This incident could be viewed as an anomaly, albeit an atrocious one with massive impact on the chess world. If he qualifies for any future WC match, doubtless he will find the negotiations difficult and the other party extremely paranoid, and it will be his own fault.

Although he is doing his best imitation of Fischer right now, there is no reason to believe he will be banished from chess (not that Fischer was banished). His colleagues will simply know what a flailing toddler he is mentally, and some will try to directly take advantage of that fact in future tournaments.

Duncan, you are hoping for a miracle...

As to Topalov's future invitations, I can imagine that his colleagues might now see him in a different light than the organisers who supposedly dream of him. (Will, for example, Peter Svidler, a good friend of Kramnik's, enjoy shaking *his* hand?)

I've said it before, but I think it bears repetition: Topalov (most capably assisted by Danailov, of course) is doing a remarkably good job of destroying his reputation. And, as I've also said before: this makes me very, very sad.

Now we can easily compare WC matches organized by FIDE beginning from Spassky-Fischer and up to now, to all 3 matches managed independently. And all the mess in FIDE events was created by FIDE decisions. What is your choice? Should the title really belong to FIDE after all?

Oh yes, Topalov is over...
His reputation is gone. I don't like his anymore after all this childs play! He should learn to lose a match.

Oh yes, Topalov is over...
His reputation is gone. I don't like him anymore after all this childs play! He should learn to lose a match.

Ruslan what does this mean?

"Topalov went too far. Far enough to start considering him ... simply nuts. A lot of his declarations show in a close future he may perfectly end up in Helsinki."

Why in Helsinki? Where is that anyway? Sweden?

There is one more possibility here, that is that players had been already paid. As a result, nobody has any interest in continuing the match.

Poor Topalov,

His image has been damaged a lot because of his manager. He is an extraordnary player and also a good person, but the fact that it seems impossible to him to be independent from Mr. Danailov is the reason this situation went too far. I am completely sure if Topalov act alone, this protests an chaos wouldnt happen, but currently, Mr Danailo takes the decisions that should be Topalovs criteria.


"Q: The first round of negotiations has just finished. What is the outcome?

Ilyumzhinov: The process of the negotiations started last night at midnight, immediately after I arrived in Elista. The first meeting was held with VLADIMIR KRAMNIK (our conversation lasted for about an hour), and today I spoke with SILVIO DANAILOV. "

Topalov imitating Fischer? Not at all. The Fischer here is Kramnik, who forfeited a world championship game standing in front of a locked bathroom near the stage, thus finally convincing me that he *really* is a worthy successor of Kasparov's title. You know, everyone can play good chess, but in order to be the champion you need some style. Kramnik showed that he has it in him to maintain the traditions that Karpov, Kasparov, Kortchnoi and Fischer respected; and here I was, fearing he might be too sterile for the job.

All jokes aside, I've already expressed my opinion in another thread arond here; Kramnik is absolutely right to stand up for his rights. I hope he gets what he wants and kicks Topalov's dishonourable arse.

I have to say, I too was actually impressed with Kirsan's answers. They seemed quite sensible. "Statesmanlike" is indeed not a bad description. Perhaps he's simply a mouthpiece for the alien probe lodged in his nether regions -- but (and this is sad) it wouldn't be the silliest aspect of this whole episode.

If they don't finish the match Kramnik will be the undisputed world champion while Danailov and Topalov will be (are?) undisputed chumps.

I am not sure Danailov is so stupid....In the context of this match, this was a brilliant decision, which can only have positive effects. The questions about Topalov's career are less clear. But still, isn't the most important thing for his career that he hangs on to the title at any costs? Nevermind what is good for chess. The longterm effect of another normal WC match is too unclear so we can ignore it. If the match had continued normally, there was a very good chance that Topalov could not manage to keep his title. There would be 4 games with black, in which Topalov has almost no chance of picking up a single point. This means that under normal circumstances, he would need to win 2 or more white games out of four(assuming all he saved all of his games with black). I am sure Sonas could give a reasonable estimate of the probabilities, but I would say that it is maybe 20% Topalov - 80% Kramnik. Now it is totally unclear. He might be in Kramnik's head even if they continue. Will the match simply be abandoned(this doesn't seem too bad at this moment)? Overall, I randomly estimate a 50% chance of abandoment and a 50% chance, that if it does continue that Kramnik will crack. The position has improved.

"Topalov imitating Fischer? Not at all."

Fischer was a walking baby tantrum. Of course he fought for professional conditions but he frequently went way overboard. And his protests were usually proportional to the amount of success he was having at the board. Fischer having a bad tournament = nightmare for everyone.

Bobby had no other way to express his nervous energy than to torture organizers. Topalov in the past has not been like this at all (to my knowledge anyway), but for the time being he is doing exactly as Fischer had in the past, lodging massive written protests over ridiculous minutiae as a desperate ploy to upset his opponent.

I don't think that Kramnik's forfeit is analagous at all to Bobby's famous forfeit in the 1972 match. Kramnik was basically slapped in the face. He was forced to take a stand. Bobby on the other hand was just responding to his own poor start like he traditionally had in the past, by turning into an insane child and issuing hundreds of irrelevant demands before he would agree to play the 3rd game.

in other words topalov is doing now what fischer did before. (launching stupid protests). however unlike kramnik spasski didnt refuse to play.

Incidentally, I know this point has been made before, but it's entirely possible that the real casualty in all this is the general public's perception of chess (and all that implies for sponsorship and the livlihood of practitioners).

The following was the headline in the (London) Times today:

"Grandmaster walks out of world series after being told he must share lavatory with his rival."

In addition to the damage this does -- unfairly -- to Kramnik's image (portraying him as a petulant loony), there is the problem that (as someone pointed out) this is lowest-common-denominator journalism: all the public will ever know is the "juiciest" part of this story. For me, though, the saddest part of this is that the author of the column in which this headline appears is Raymond Keene. We might not expect a non-chess journalist to want to delve below the obviously absurd (and even funny) surface of the story, and I don't for a moment imagine that the typical newspaper has any interest in sending someone in person to Kalmykia (they have better things to do); and it's entirely possible that the headline chosen for the article is not something that Keene can personally control. But, still, if there's to be any glimmer of light in this sordid mess, shouldn't the people who really *can* be expected to know what's going on make every effort not to succumb to cheap sensationalism?

I think the dearth of 'classic' World Championship matches has resulted in people forgetting what memo/complaint warfare in World Championship matches is like. I'm not sure that people in their 20s say, realise the level of diplomatic/tactical animosity that was commonplace in these matches.

Larsen's book about KK in Baguio details countless complaints going back and forth, for example.

In previous WC matches, it was controversial if the Jury did NOT meet every day to settle something or other.

Chairs, sunglasses, sitting at the board, draw offers only through arbiter, no kicking, no secret messages in yoghurt, no handshakes, must handshake, no parapsychologists, no gurus, no audience, no cameras, no opponent and now, no toilet.

If the tradition of World Championship matches had not gone down the toilet over the past decade or so, this complaint would have been recognised for what it was, and Kramnik wouldn't have misplayed his hand so badly he lost a point.

I was really disappointed with Susan Polgar when I looked at her blog for the first time since this controversy began.


It is quite apparent that the woman is very much biased in Topalov's favor. Perhaps it should not be surprising considering she is Bulgarian, but it was still surprising because I had a higher regard of her. Three statements she made that were particulaly annoying:

1. "Apparently, one private bathroom for both players is not acceptable by him."

Is she going to tell me that she doesn't know that having a private bathroom is NOT the issue? The issue here is that Kramnik has been wronged in many ways by both Topalov's team and the match officials and he is right to demand a reversal of their decision (even though he isn't doing it in the most smart manner).

2. "The bottom line is both sides are playing this psychological game against each other."

What "Psychological game" is Kramnik playing? All he is doing is reacting to the offboard game that Topalov's team has decided to play against him.

3. "The fans waited 13 years for a unification match and we are fighting over 1 or 2 toilets?"

No Ms Polgar, we are fighting over whether it is right for match officials to change match conditions on the baseless accusations of one player without consulting the other player. In other words, allowing one player to dictate match conditions and insult the other player in the process. THAT is what we are fighting about.

I should probably add too -- for what it's worth -- that one of the main reasons I got interested in chess, just after leaving high school, was the publicity and hype surrounding the Short-Kasparov match. I read the Times religiously then, read Keene's reports, followed him on TV.

uhm... the woman is Hungarian...

Of Mr. Keene I will not speak, as anyone who knows a bit about him will understand.

But would like to point out to Sim that Ms Polgar is Hungarian by birth and lives in the USA (I think she is a citizen, but I am not 100 % sure).

I dont have anything novel or interesting to say about this mundane and obvious little dispute. But I will speak of Keene ...

Worthless piece of garbage, dire deceptive self-promoter, useless chess journalist ...

and now, and again, happily assisting in putting the very worst spin on our game.

Six years ago, when I travelled eight hundred miles to watch KK in London in 2000 (only to see a 14 some move draw, but of that another time) I should have been so suspicious in advance of an event with Keene as the promoter and Schiller the arbiter.

The Keene - Schiller axis - can anyone nominate a chess writing pair who have single-handedly poured out more dross literature than these two? In chess or any other human endeavour?

Shame on Keene for his worthless reporting, but hell, what's the point in trying to shame the shameless.

I wish that ten years ago someone had told me, when I was just starting out in the serious study of chess, this simple advice: ignore keene, ignore schiller. It is good advice.

"in other words topalov is doing now what fischer did before. (launching stupid protests). however unlike kramnik spasski didnt refuse to play."

And Spassky lost the match as a consequence. Boris let Bobby walk all over him, conceding to virtually every demand, no matter how ridiculous it was. Yes, that was Boris---a noble, generous spirit, a gentleman to the core. Fischer took advantage of that fact mercilessly---so much so, in fact, that he gave him another chance to beat him in '92, partly out of guilt.

There is a reason Bobby ran from Karpov. As Kasparov has pointed out, he would have suffered another meltdown, and Karpov would have been merciless in that scenario---not offered a consoling hand to him as Spassky essentially did.

Kramnik is not about to walk down that miserable road that turned Boris into a psychological rag doll in his match.

Hopefully this will have political consequences for Kirsan as well. If he can't hold a chess match together, how can he be expected to run a Republic?

That photo is quite embarrassing... the one of Kramnik with his pants stained. I'm not sure Kramnik would like it even if it proved his point. Is this what Topalov saw when he indicated that he wouldn't shake hands? Makes you wonder.

I have seen people talk on cell phones in the toilet so the picture at the top of this thread is not far off. (smile)

For the first time in my chess life I have become pissed off. Again... no pun intended.

I'm sure Fischer is having a great time following this. I can hear him now saying, "Old chess is rotten to the core!" Who's going to argue with him?

everyone knows this board is biased against Topalov.. Frankly I don't see how you can blame only one part here in this mess.. Danailov issued a very common (albeit stupid) complaint, the Appeals Committe acted stupidly, then Kramnik issued a letter with more stupid comments and forfeited the match. The main culprit here is the Appeals Committe for not having the brains to do damage dontrol in due time... not Topalov's team (whose complaint was perfectly fair, albeit disproportionate) and Kramnik's team which only replied in worse tone, under stress.

What makes this match special is that its not between a WC and his challenger but between two 'world-champions'. And so the stakes are higher than usual...

Thanks to toiletgate both players should now be feeling more relieved.. if things go wrong for them they blame it on toiletgate.. so the match will definetly continue know... and probably we will see a further increase in the quality of play.. with Topalov have nothing to lose and Kramnik having his excuse...

For all those who make a stand saying "Topalov did absolutely nothing wrong by issuing a complaint, it was exclusively the wrongdoing of the Appeals Committee by accepting it on a free day." Actually the match contract clearly states that the responsibility for submitting a protest in 2 hours after a game lies also on who is submitting the protest, therefore Topalov is also technically at guilt on this matter. The Committee accepting it outside the 2h time window is in fact just *another* huge 'mistake', or 'breach of contract'.

From Kramnik's Open Letter II:
"Clause 3.17.1., Schedule 2 of the contract:
'All protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee not more than 2 hours after the relevant playing session.'"

Hey shane cut keene a break, he has written great books om many of the Karpov, Kasparov and Korchnoi matches, I find them extraordinary to read even after many years since. Schiller has written good books as well, infact wasn't it schiller as arbiter at the 2000 match between Kasparov and Kramnik that saved that match after Kasparov's protests about vlad leaving the board too much?

If Topalov is engaging in hysteria, what does that say about you, Vladimir Kramnik, if you react to it?

I admit that if I were in Topalov shoes I would wonder why the hell my opponent leaves the board so often, but Kramnik is lending Topalov legitimacy by leaping into this fray.

Repeat after me: "We have come here to play chess. We don't know about anything else." - Viktor Baturinsky

Funny, I recall Gata Kamsky and his father filing a protest during the Las Vegas FIDE KO event (accusing some kibitzing St. Petersburg GMs of causing distractions during his mini-match with Khalifman). IIRC, FIDE ruled that the protest had been filed too late, and therefore denied it!

"If Topalov is engaging in hysteria, what does that say about you, Vladimir Kramnik, if you react to it?"

Reference Fischer-Spassky if you want to know what happens when one player continually bends over backwards to meet the demands of the other, or tries to ignore everything as if he were playing in a vaccum where only beautiful chess exists. Boris tried both approaches, and got burned.

If my opponent was going to the toilet 30-40 times during a game, I would wonder what the hell was going on, too. This would surely affect your concentration.
If Kramnik has some condition which necessitates this, shouldn't he have informed the Match Committee,etc, and perhaps his opponent beforehand to avoid suspicion? So simple.
Susan Polgar is actually Jewish, and born and brought up in Hungary. I don't know if Topalov is Jewish or not.
I think it is very difficult to excuse Keene for breaking his contract with Korchnoi in the 1978 WC match with Karpov, by working on an 'instant' book during it [which the contract explicitly forbade], instead of concentrating on his duties as Korchnoi's Second. This could very well have cost Korchnoi the match.

What Chris said.

I meant "what Chris *Anderson* said"...another post slipped in.

Kramnik, don't back down. Don't let them push you around.

"Funny, I recall Gata Kamsky and his father filing a protest during the Las Vegas FIDE KO event (accusing some kibitzing St. Petersburg GMs of causing distractions during his mini-match with Khalifman). IIRC, FIDE ruled that the protest had been filed too late, and therefore denied it!"

Apparently, kudos for FIDE on this Kamsky's protest matter. I don't know what was FIDE ruling based on, if regulations or contracts, so I really cannot judge the validity of Kamsky's protest. All I know is that the contract of Topalov-Kramnik WC match is very clear on this issue. When fe filled his protest on a free day, Topalov acted in contradiction to a clause in a contract he had signed. I imagine that the Appeals Committee probably didn't sign this contract, so their error could be considered from a procedural point of view, not a legal one.
I don't see why Kamsky's and Topalov's protests should be related - it's not like Topalov can say "when Kamsky protested at the Las Vegas WC nothing happened..." (since this was brought up). Different WC, different contracts, different conditions. Anyway, even if Topalov (or any defender of his on this particular issue) were to use the allegation that "Topalov of course knew the contract, he knew the Committee would reject the protest, it was just to stir up things on the press"... Then why submit the protest in first place? An open letter would have done the same damage.
As I can see, Topalov breached contract.

By the way, I'm just trying to understand the raw facts. I'm still a fan of Topalov.
Not so much of his (and his team's) conduct on this WC, though.

There is no relationship between Kramnik's forfeit and Fischer's first of all Kramnik being sane wasn't imagining mechanical noises. Second Fischer is insane.

There is no relationship between Kramnik's forfeit and Fischer's first of all Kramnik being sane wasn't imagining mechanical noises. Second Fischer is insane.

Going into this match I was neutral. Now, I'm in Kramnik's fan camp after seeing at Chessbase that assinine over the top grin on Danailov's mug after the "forfeit" was awarded to Topalov. The attitude that "we'll take it any way we can get it" sickens me. If they had a valid complaint they should have stated it in plenty of time so they wouldn't be put in a position of having to accept a point like that. I thought Topalov was such a proud sportsman and role model for kids? HAH.

Korchnoi-Spassky 1977: Korchnoi objected to Spassky's use of a rest area away from the board for analysis (the demonstration board could be viewed from the rest area).

Sitcom potential?

In a perfect world...
Topalov holds press conference:
"Danailov, you're fired.
Kramnik, 3-1, and have your bathroom.
Now let's play some chess."

To Duncan, to all,

1.Duncan, you are right that Topa did not anything wrong, but you all miss another point - Kirsan in an open letter clearly said that the Appeal's Committe decision is right. So, if the Committe must be dismissed, so Kirsan must resign too.

2.About the other professional chess player opinion about Topa - in his 2nd letter Kramnik is asking for appoligizings from only Silvio Danailov. Kramnik stopped mentioning Topa's name anymore. The entire family of professional chess players know that all demands are borned in Silvio's head, no matter who is right but accoring to my 1st point, anyone have the right to have demands if he pays the fee no matter on what matter it will be.

3. Finally I agree to disagree that both players have any fault about the possible cancelling the match - FIDE has it and FIDE must be reconstructed.

Given that Topalov & Co supported Ilyumzhinov's re-election campaign, should this action from the Topalov camp really have come as such a surprise?

Exactly what Samer said ...

Except for the "have your bathroom". Topalov should demand one thing and only one: the bathroom must be monitored. And probably even the stall must be monitored. How much noise does it make if someone goes in the stall, closes the door and pulls out a chess computer of some exotic sort (that didn't set off the metal detector).

I'm a bit sympathetic to FIDE in this instance. FIDE might be a bunch of clowns, but so are the players. FIDE probably messed up in mediating the clownish acts, but remember that clowns were the ones who committed the acts.

Before you Google

"ankylosing spondylitis" diarrhea

guess how many hits you'll get.

Hint: it's more than 10.



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Side effects occasionally seen with these medications include mild skin reactions at the injection site, headaches or dizziness, colds or sinus infections, and nausea or diarrhea.

For those who asked if the playes have been payed:

"3.13.1 The prize fund shall be paid by direct banker’s order drawn in United States Dollars on UBS, Lausanne or any other official FIDE bank."

"3.13.2 Upon completion of the match, FIDE shall pay these sums where requested by the players within 7 days"

Re ankylosing spondylitis:

Bill, do the symptoms of the treatment for this illness kick in only during chess games that one is actually playing? Kramnik didn't need a million visits to the common unlocked bathroom while waiting in his rest-room during game 5.

Appeals committee was at fault because they should have discussed with both the parties rather than taking a UNILATERAL decsion.

For me it was a 4-game match which Kramnik won by 3-1 margin.


Before doubting Kramnik's (1/2 minute) toilet visits, all those Topa supporters should know that no serious GM, let alone somebody of the level of Kramnik, would rely on the 2-minute analysis of pocket Fritz (or any such device).


Hey people,

My dream/miracle came through!!!!

The Appeal's committee all resigned. Check out fide site http://www.fide.com/news.asp?id=1129

Bathroom is now open.

But still remaining to be solved the 3-1 / 3-2 issue.



No game Sunday?

1 October 2006 | 09:28 | FOCUS News Agency
Elista. The Bulgarian grand chess master Veselin Topalov gave an interview to the Russian edition ‘Sport Report’ in which he states he wants the match for the absolute world chess title to continue.
“At the moment I only know that there won’t be a game today. All the negotiations on my part are being led by my personal manager Silvio Danailov,” Mr. Topalov said.
On the question what his mood is the Bulgarian champion replied: “Absolutely normal. I am preparing for the next game. I strongly hope the match would continue. There won’t be any hindrances on my part”.

My Bulgarian is very weak but it doesn't take much to interpret this. 3:1 or 3:2 under a picture of Kirsan having lunch with Danailov and Topalov.



maybe the interview was held yesterday. And "today" means 30th Sep.


"absolutely normal" my fanny. If the match continues I wish a case of the trots on the entire Topalov team. Nothing more, nothing less. Let 'em know what it feels like.

That's why I put a question mark. But, we're now less than three hours to game time and no announcement. You got to say its unlikely we'll get a game today anyhow.

the appeals committee resigned?? now, who were they playing aginst? was Kramnik giving a simul? i thought only the players resigned in chess..

Bearing in mind this: "The FIDE President once again addresses both parties with an appeal to meet each other halfway in order to continue the match ..."

I'm sure the match will continue with the score 1,5:3 :)

Looks official - a settlement on the toilet issue, and the appeals committee have submitted a voluntary resignation. Kirsan will be the appeals committee until a new one is established.

http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=3385 and http://www.worldchess2006.com/main.asp?id=1016

Since this was in the last hour or so, there's still no indication whether there will be a game didn't happen.today, or whether it will be game 5 or game 6. Looks like this is the major outstanding issue now, and Kirsan is asking the players to meet each other half-way.

Can't see how that is going to happen for game 5. Looks like Topalov will need to back down about game 5 for things to move forward. The resignation of the appeals committee just points to the fact that Kramnik is right that there's been a breach of contract - so game 5 wasn't played as part of the World Championship rules.

Good to see FIDE recognise the mistake they've made. Now its a case of whether Topalov can accept game 5 hasn't happened yet.

The time this is dragging out is to Topalov's benefit if the match continues. Kramnik has now spent 2.5 days getting the match back on track as per his contract - that's 2.5 energy sapping days including midnight talks with Kirsan. Its a lot of nervous energy and high pressure over that time.

I hope both players will be able to continue to play as awesomely and as creatively as in the first four games.

well it's something... in ideal world they would take a few restdays but then again I do think Hensel will have done the most of the talking on behalf of Kramnik so it won't be as disturbing as isofarro put it...

The ROTFL Quote of the day has to be this ( http://www.focus-fen.net/index.php?id=n96844 ):

"It is unacceptable Kramnik to play games with everyone and most of all with FIDE and the organizers," Mr. Danailov comments.

Tom: "I do think Hensel will have done the most of the talking on behalf of Kramnik so it won't be as disturbing as isofarro put it"

I hope you are right. I note that Kramnik did most of the talking in Friday's press conference. Its clear Topalov isn't heavily involved in the negotiation - he knows only what Danailov tells him, which was (from yesterday) that game 6 wasn't going to be played. (from: http://www.focus-fen.net/index.php?id=n96832 )

Maybe FIDE will give Topalov the forfeit point and offer Kramnik a basket of: an apology for the decision by the committee, a free pass into the 2007 world championship tournament in Mexico should Kramnik lose, money, a lifetime's subscription to chess informant and Hustler, an H3 to ride around wherever/whatever terrain the match is taking place, a really nice throwing knife, a free half a point in the match, a sportsmanship award, a lifetime's supply of contact lenses, and of course, some Cuban cigars...

“If the result of the fifth game is cancelled we are leaving the match. It is unacceptable Kramnik to play games with everyone and most of all with FIDE and the organizers,” Mr. Danailov comments.

On the question what his mood is the Bulgarian champion replied: “Absolutely normal. I am preparing for the next game. I strongly hope the match would continue. There won’t be any hindrances on my part”.

Do these two live in an alternate reality? Do they expect anyone to believe their hypocritical and mad utterings?

and, of course, Kramnik should receive a toilet made of gold, and the tank of the toilet should be connected to an infinite supply of Evian spring water, shipped directly from the French Alps by way of a pipeline from France to Russia with pump stations along the way to make up for head loss. The President of FIDE can also purchase Topalov's manager a whip for Topalov, because we all know who's the daddy there.

"and, of course, Kramnik should receive a toilet made of gold, and the tank of the toilet should be connected to an infinite supply of Evian spring water"

Hmmm, coded messages via toilet water. Interesting. Far better than using yogurt...

Kirsan has no balls.

He does not need to 'negotiate' with either side! He has to decide himself if Game 5 took place legally or not. If it did not, he needs to walk up to Danailov, slap him in the face, tell him 'git your boy to the board or he forfeits with NO PAYDAY, No Title, No Radjabov.'

If, in his insanity, he somehow decides Game 5 took place, then he needs to go to Kramnik and do the same thing (less the slap, of course). Stop being an Ass-Clown for chess Kirsan.

At every turn in the agreements, FIDE statements, press releases, it says 'or as determined/decided by the FIDE President.' Since it is his ego that has put that clause in, time to ego-up!

What 'compromise' is possible? Kirsan, AND the Topalov/Danailov Dynamic Duo, both know Topalov cannot defeat Kramnik over the board, certainly not TWICE in 8 games.

Someone explain to me what possible compromise you can have that will appease Topalov, who is dead wrong, and Kramnik, who is 100% right. What possible compromise can you have that both players will say, 'Hey, I can live with that.".


This match is OVER, and it is 100% Topalov's fault, and it was 100% planned in the event he got himself behind like he did.

Thank you Danailov, Topalov, Kirsan, and especially all the Bribed State Federations who voted for him.

What a mess. Chess will never recover.

I BEG on my hands and knees that Seirawan gets together with Kramnik, Bessel Kok, and whomever, and organize a separate governing Chess Body. Let Kirsan and Topalov go play in their sandbox together. Maybe they can pull each other's finger.

If Kramnik refuses to play, FIDE should just throw him out and let us have a Topalov vs Anand match instead.
Kramnik has always been a spoilsport and a disgrace for chess. He dodged Kasparov for a rematch and refused to play at San Luis.

During the negociations as stupid as possible: Topalov is sleeping as a pupy, is having a rest , is recovering from his surprise of the firsts games, and is training himself harder to cope with kramnik.

What a good mess the rats of fide / danailov made!

If kramnik is out of form for the rest of the match , the reason would be easy to point out.

What a pitty that topalov gives some credit to that.

Shirish Pawar, for one to be able to make such comments the amount of ignorance possessed must be immense! Simply astounding! And funny too!

More updates from ChessBase (http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=3385):
"Veselin Topalov will apparently abandon the event if he cannot retain the default point he got from game five,"

Now considering that Topalov holds the FIDE World Championship title, conceivably that's owned by FIDE themselves, so FIDE could strip Topalov of it if he refuses to play game 5. (Just like FIDE stripped Fischer of the title when he refused to defend/resigned it in 1975).

So it could be that Topalov's threat is an empty one. Yes, its bad way for the match to finish, but Topalov has lost a lot of support over the weekend because of what's transpired.

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