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Lawson on Fritz & Tal

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Nice short article, mostly on Tal.

Ivanchuk Winning Capablanca

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Ivanchuk will lock up clear first with a draw in today's final round.

Why They Call It Dope

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Chess in Asian Games starting Dec 1. Drug testing for chessplayers. Yawn.

Kramnik-Fritz 06 g3

| Permalink | 130 comments
Kramnik takes white into game three. I'll be doing live audio coommentary at chess.fm.

Nakamura Returns on Top

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Hikaru Nakamura comes back and wins National Congress

Kramnik-Fritz 06 g2

| Permalink | 248 comments
Fritz with white in the second of six games. Game 1 was drawn.

Kramnik-Fritz 06 g1

| Permalink | 40 comments
Game one drawn, Kramnik with some endgame chances.

Kramnik-Fritz Chatter

| Permalink | 126 comments
Kramnik-Fritz six-game match in Germany begins Saturday at 1500 local, 9am EST.

Blind Stealth

| Permalink | 43 comments
Topalov vs Polgar in six blindfold games Dec 7-9 in Bilbao.

Capa Memorial 06 Update

| Permalink | 10 comments
Nogueiras beats Bareev in round 1. Ivanchuk's win finishes at 3:30am.

Quick Corrections

| Permalink | 25 comments
Assorted Kasparov-related corrections and tidbits.

Chau, Che

| Permalink | 93 comments
Felgaer replaced by Nogueiras in Capablanca Memorial beginning tomorrow.

Tal Blitz Cup

| Permalink | 63 comments
Anand leads with 10 rounds to play today.

Remember the Candidates

| Permalink | 41 comments
FIDE announces the candidates matches for May 26-June 14 2007 in Elista.

Tal Memorial r9

| Permalink | 130 comments
Final round with the winner of Ponomariov-Leko winning the event. Update: All games short GM draws. Ponomariov, Leko, Aronian tie for first.

Vamos a La Habana

| Permalink | 59 comments
Ivanchuk leads the field of the Capablanca Memorial starting Nov.19.

Tal Memorial 06 r7-8

| Permalink | 39 comments
Round seven of ten. Leaders Ponomariov and Aronian meet.

Tal Memorial 06 r6

| Permalink | 31 comments
Leko and Aronian win to share first with Ponomariov. Free day Monday.

Tal Memorial 06 r4-5

| Permalink | 77 comments
Ponomariov leads at the start of the round.

Kasimdzhanov Wins Corsica 06

| Permalink | 10 comments
Kasimdzhanov defeats Anand in the final in an attractive game.

Tal Memorial 06 r3

| Permalink | 56 comments
Round 3 today. Three tied for lead after all draws in round 2.

Second that Motion

| Permalink | 10 comments
Article with Kramnik and Topalov seconds Illescas and Vallejo on their Elista experiences.

Chess for the Ears

| Permalink | 6 comments
Kramnik second Miguel Illescas to give chess.fm interview tonight about the goings-on in Elista.

Tal Memorial 2006

| Permalink | 76 comments
Tal Memorial begins in Moscow. Cat 20 with all top 20 players plus Carlsen.

ECF Book of the Year 2006

| Permalink | 38 comments
Dutch author van Perlo's "Endgame Tactics" wins 2006 ECF Book of the Year.

Blowing Up the Center

| Permalink | 12 comments
Ronan Bennett replaces Nigel Short as Guardian chess columnist.

Black to Play and, Umm

| Permalink | 23 comments
Cute cook of a 2R vs Q composition.

Matter of Fakty

| Permalink | 71 comments
Latest ravings from Topalov's manager Danailov on the Kramnik WCh match

Radjabov Wins Cap d'Agde 06

| Permalink | 13 comments
Radjabov beats Karjakin spectacularly in final match.

Cap d’Agde 06 Semis

| Permalink | 14 comments
Karjakin eliminates Carlsen in first semi. Volokitin-Radjabov Thursday.

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