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Halloween Ninja

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My nephew Roman in his Halloween ninja outfit!

Cap d’Agde 06 1/4 x 2

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Radjabov and Karjakin through to semis. Zhao Xue put some fear into Karjack.
Study uses computer analysis of world champs' games to produce stats about accuracy, "strength," etc.


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Dutch TV report on Essent fixates on toilet trips.

Cap d’Agde 06 Quarters

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Karjakin, Carlsen, Volokitin, and Zhao Xue are among the quarterfinalists. Karpov out.

Essent 06 Flip-Flopping

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Mamedyarov and Polgar tie for first after both win in wild final round.

Long Walks with Kramnik

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Latest Topalov interview about the Kramnik match.

Essent 06 r5

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Polgar-Mamedyarov is the key game in the penultimate round.

Cap d’Agde 2006

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Powerful rapid main event starts today with Karpov, Radjabov, Carlsen, Karjakin.

Essent 06 r4

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Round 4 today. Topalov's in last place and has white against Mamedyarov.

Corus 2007 Field

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Corus Wijk aan Zee 2007 field complete. Topalov, Anand, Kramnik, Svidler, etc.
FIDE prez on current and future events, Kramnik, television, etc.

Essent 06 r2

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Mamedyarov beats Topalov in round one. Computer analysis blather.

Essent 2006

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Essent Crown Group begins Sunday with Topalov, Mamedyarov, J Polgar, I Sokolov

Anand Starts at +1

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Indian steel company looks set to take over Corus, sponsor of Wijk aan Zee supertournament

He Said, He Said, Etc.

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Interview links and excerpts from Topalov, Kramnik, et al.

That Other Chess

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Various events past and future. Much of the top-10 in action.

Democracy on Deadline

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Memorial for murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Elista Aftermath

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News links and interviews, cool video clip of the win.

KKRRRRrrrrrramnik Wins!

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Kramnik wins the tiebreaks 2.5-1.5 to become the first unified WCh since 1993.

Viva Mexico 2007!

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Beta launch of the official website of the 2007 world chess championship in Mexico City! Guess who's the webmaster?

Kramnik-Topalov Tiebreaks

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4 rapid, then 2 blitz if needed, then sudden death blitz.

Corvette vs Chess Club

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Corvette ad says "Sure Beats Joining The Chess Club"

WCh Tiebreaks!(?!)

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Four 25'+10" rapid games followed by blitz and armageddon if needed.

Kramnik-Topalov g12

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The final regulation game is underway, Kramnik with white. - Game drawn, tiebreaks scheduled for tomorrow.

WCh News n' Views

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Letters, including one from Mainz organizer Hans-Walter Schmitt.

Kamsky-Short, 1994/2006

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Kamsky-Short chat spat about their 1994 match. Other candidates tidbits.

Kramnik-Topalov g11

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Topalov has white in the penultimate game of the match.

2006 Euro Club Cup

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Most of the world's elite in action in this massive seven round event.

Anand on Topalov-Kramnik

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Anand on the "tainted" Elista match.

WCh Interviews a Go-Go

| Permalink | 111 comments
Game 10 press conference and Topalov interview.

Spassky Suffers Stroke

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Spassky doing fine after mild stroke in California.

Kramnik-Topalov g10

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Game 9 underway. Can Kramnik score his first win since game 2?

Kramnik-Topalov g9

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Game 9 in progress, Topalov with white, match at 4-4. Interview clips.

BladderGate Revisited

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Game 8 press conference, letter from GM Maceija on match rules, Makro's comments revisited, rumor mill.

Kramnik-Topalov g8

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Kramnik takes the white pieces and a 4-3 lead into game 8.

New In Chess, the Ad!

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Promo for New In Chess Magazine

Danailov's Next Press Release

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You won't believe what else Kramnik has been up to.

Kramnik-Topalov g7

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The second half begins with another white for Topalov.
Danailov sends out a list of spurious stats about how Kramnik's moves match Fritz's.

Game 6 Press Conference

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Kramnik's appeal denied by new committee, has said "will consult lawyers" about continuing.

October 06 Rating List

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Not much change at the top. Carlsen jumps up another 25 points.

Kasparov on the Chess Mess

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Kasparov's Wall Street Journal article on the Elista match.

Kramnik-Topalov g6

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Match back on (under protest by Kramnik), game six drawn.

And Now What?

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Some thoughts on the WCh mess before we find out what happens...

Match On?!

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Chesspro sez match back on, tomorrow with the score 3:2 Kramnik.

WCh Bits n' Bobs

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Tidbits and silly stuff. Also Kasparov editorial in WSJ tomorrow.

Dear Mr. Topalov

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Petition to Veselin Topalov to play at 3:1

No Game Sunday

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No game in Elista today. Some negotiation results.

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