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Gender Proportion in Chess

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Study on why there are few female GMs.
Kramnik confirms he will play in Mexico. Other political bits.

FIDE Nixes Topa Challenge

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FIDE says no time for Kramnik-Topalov rematch unless players agree.

Corus 2007 r13

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Three-way tie for first: Radjabov, Topalov, Aronian

Foul Play In Chess

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Major German newspaper article reports suspicious behavior by Topalov's manager Danailov in early rounds of Wijk aan Zee.

Corus r12

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Kramnik holds Topalov while Radjabov beats Motylev to move into a tie for first with Topalov.

Photo ID?

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Looking for the photographer who took this pic of Garry Kasparov

Corus 2007 r11

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Preview: The home stretch begins! The final three rounds have some potential for drama, but it will take either backbone and great play from Radjabov or a near miracle from Anand to produce it. Topalov is a full point up...

Corus 2007 r10

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Topalov wipes out Carlsen, Anand beats Karjakin

Corus 2007 r9

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Anand wins, all leaders draw.

Kram-Topa Rematch Redux

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New bank guarantees for an old challenge. Will Kramnik-Topalov II happen?

Corus 2007 r8

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Topalov beats Anand and is in clear first; Radjabov falls to Aronian.

Corus 2007 r7

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Radjabov held Anand, Topalov beat Ponomariov with black to move up.

Corus 2007 r6

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Kramnik beats Anand in beautiful game. Radjabov draws to maintain full point lead.

Corus 2007 r5

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Radjabov wins again with black to stretch his lead over Anand and Topalov

Enter Your PIN

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Topalov's bank guarantees rejected by FIDE's bank.

Corus 2007 r4

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Radjabov downs Tiviakov to stay in clear first while Topalov beats Shirov to move into second.

Things That Annoy Me, Part 322

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Stupid quote from the BBC about chess.

Corus 2007 r3

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Radjabov takes the clear lead again with another King's Indian win.

Corus 2007 r2

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All the favorites win in a bloody day in the top group.

Corus 2007 r1

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All games short draws except Radjabov's win over van Wely.

Corus Wijk aan Zee 2007

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Corus Wijk aan Zee begins Saturday at 7:30am EST.

AF4C Leaves US Ch

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AF4C will not organize the 2007 championship. USCF accepting bids.

Melting Chess

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London-Moscow Short-Karpov game of ice chess.

VK-DF Game 1 Revisited

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Got a minute or 50? I thought this endgame from the first game of the Kramnik-Fritz match was dead and buried, but I need a better line than the direct one I have against what I now think is the...

Cheating Hearts Hats

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Article on an Indian player caught cheating and another under suspicion.

ACP World Cup Day 4

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Peter Leko beats Vasily Ivanchuk in the final in blitz.

ACP World Cup Day 3

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Leko, Radjabov, Gelfand, and Ivanchuk into tomorrow's semifinals.

Hot Ticket

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Deeper Blue - Kasparov ticket on Ebay.

Summer Saturday

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Bits and pieces. ChessBase puzzles, coach conviction, ancient chess text found...

ACP World Cup Day 2

| Permalink | 10 comments
Favorites win through in first round. Nakamura out to Gelfand

1st ACP World Rapid Cup

| Permalink | 24 comments
Strong KO in Odessa begins tomorrow, runs for four days. Morozevich, Ivanchuk, Nakamura...

Achtung! Quote Help Wanted

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Looking for original German of a few Tarrasch and Lasker quotations. Help!

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