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Hot Ticket

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Here's an Ebay auction of a ticket to game two of the Kasparov-Deeper Blue rematch in 1997. The optimistic starting bid is $500. (The seller seems to have blundered by not putting the word "chess" in the title of the auction, which is what many people search for.) There's a brisk business selling ticket stubs to sporting events, but I doubt many are for chess matches. I'm usually on the other side of the rope and it never occured to me to collect entry tickets, but it's a fun idea. I do have a few dozen press credentials though, and they usually come with handy lanyards. Then there's a 2004 Kramnik-Leko match gift pack that includes a signed board, set, backpack, and more going for $300.


Optimistic is putting it lightly. When it comes to chess books,I generally check "View sellers other items." I've found some good deals in the past when someone didn't enter "chess" in the title, but those days have become difficult because of savvy ebayers.

I won a ticket to game 16 of Fischer - Spassky '72 for something like $35! It even includes a special first-day postal cancellation stamp.

$500 is pretty ridiculous.


He's learned his marketing techniques from the guy on the corner selling apples for $1 million each. He only needs to sell one!

I have a ticket stub to Kasparov-Deeper Blue pinned up to my bulletin board as I type this. Game 7 no less.

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