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ACP World Cup Day 3

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With one notable exception, Elo still ruled in the quarterfinals. There aren't really favorites in these heavyweight matchups, with the exception of Leko's predictably one-sided elimination of Rublevsky. Morozevich was on his way to winning the first game of his match with Radjabov only to leave his rook en prise in the endgame and resign. Horrible. Radjabov drew the next with white to move into the semifinals. Ukrainian favorite Ivanchuk outplayed Bacrot in fine fashion to move on. I'm a little surprised the wacky Ivanchuk didn't promote to a knight on the final move of the decisive game. Such opportunities are rare and should not be squandered! [Comments from those who watched live say it was a knight, so the queen is probably an error added to the PGN file at some point. The official site still says 55.e8=Q] Gelfand beat Shirov. The Israeli got a great opening with black in their first game, lost the edge, and then won anyway. 15..Ng4! is an instructive deployment plan in their first game. 27.Rf5 threatening Rh5 would have been close to winning for White.


I am sure he did make a knight. Why allow (hopeless)checks?

I watched the game on the Pivdenny server and saw him making a knight. But then, you never know on the internet... What makes you think he didn't?

The gameplayer showed a knight promotion, true to Chuckwacky form. But stay tuned for the inevitable Ivanchoker stroke, which he usually saves for rapid semifinals. Radjabov will probably get another free rook tomorrow, maybe even in the opening.

Horrible Radjabov?

Surely he's not that bad. I was under the impression everyone thought him quite a pleasant chap.

Period pain.

There's a period after "Horrible" and it refers to the blunder.

Now that Morozevich is out of the way, I think Radjabov has excellent chances. The only player that I see him having a problem with now (if paired)is Leko and his solid style. I've noticed in the past that Radjabov has a tendency to overpress against opponents with that particular type of play.

Is Leko really good at rapid? I guess objectively he is the strongest in the field, but in rapid...I dunno.

Leko won against Gelfand.

The webmasters of the ACP Cup site really deserve plaudits for their excellent and timely coverage.

Being used to whacky website programming, incomprehensible "English" and silly, irrelevant journalistic dross when it's a Russian tournament, this comes as a welcome surprise.

The gold standard is still Mig's reportage from the U.S. chess championships last year, but the ACP website comes close.

Clubfoot, this time chuky's saving the choke for the final. Just annihilated Radjabov playing amazingly cool Chess in the final game. In this form, the Chukster looks invincible. But of course who knows which chuky will turn up for the final.

Quite right, d. I'm too accustomed to pitchy play from a sacred cow and I ought not to have counted him out. Reverse psych perhaps. But still, when one thinks thinks of his swan dive in the Prague semis after eliminating Kasparov, the casino hangover toss to Nisipeanu in Vegas, match play against Seirawan, Jussupow and Pono, the rook donation to Shirov at Linares...it just makes you want to mess yourself up with a vegematic. It's like being a Cubs fan or something.

Well, so much for my prescient abilities. Anyway, I still believe I can find a place somewhere in meteorology. >:-)

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