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GK in the UK

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Kasparov begins UK book media tour on April 1.

No #1 for Vishy.

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FIDE official confirms that Morelia/Linares not rated for April 2007 list. Topalov still #1.

No #1 for Vishy?

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April 2007 rating list comes out without rating Linares?!

Aerosvit 2007 preview

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Article mentions some of the players in this year's Aerosvit supertournament, starting June 19.

Hasbun No Hasbeen

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American Jorge Sammour-Hasbun wins Dos Hermanas internet blitz tournament.

Melody Amber 07 r8

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Kramnik leads the blindfold and overall standings with three rounds to play.

Mtel Masters 2007

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Mtel final field announced: Topalov, Adams, Kamsky, Mamedyarov, Sasikiran, and Nisipeanu

More March Action

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Sargissian dominates Ruy Lopez tournament. Jakovenko wins Poikovsky.

Ruy Runaway

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Sargissian wins Ruy Lopez tournament in Spain with a round to spare.

Rapid Light

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Some good games in round five. Ivanchuk, Kramnik, and Aronian lead.
Washington Post chess column by Kavalek under threat of being shrunk.

Melody Amber 07 r4

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Kramnik leads the combined standings with 6.5/8

Marching into Action

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Three strong events in progress: Amber, Poikovsky, and the Ruy Lopez Festival.

Notes and Notitas

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Various items on Linares, Carlsen, Cappelle la Grande, Kasparov in Germany.

The Ides of March

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Still alive. Kasparov book coming out in Germany now, UK next month

Anand Linares 07

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Press conference transcript of Vishy Anand after his Linares 2007 win.

Linares 2007 Final

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Anand wins clear first, Carlsen-Morozevich share 2-3 after Leko beats Carlsen in the final round.

Linares 2007 r14

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Round 14: Ivanchuk-Anand, Leko-Carlsen, Svidler-Morozevich, Topalov-Aronian

Linares 2007 r13

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Carlsen-Svidler, Leko-Anand, Morozevich-Topalov, Aronian-Ivanchuk.

2007 US Ch

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US Championship in Oklahoma starting May 15. 9-round swiss. Pay to play idea introduced.

Differently Abled Comps

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Handicap human-machine matches with Zap and Rybka playing L'Ami and Ehlvest.
FIDE announces yet another world championship format. Matches!

Linares 07, Final Days

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Svidler and Morozevich win in round 12. Free day Thursday, final two rounds Fri-Sat.

Linares 2007 r12

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Carlsen pounds Ivanchuk in round 11 to move into clear second behind Anand. Round 12: Leko-Svidler, Topalov-Carlsen, Ivanchuk-Morozevich, Anand-Aronian

Linares 2007 r11

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Round 11: Morozevich-Anand, Svidler-Topalov, Carlsen-Ivanchuk, Aronian-Leko

Linares 2007 r10

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Moro beats Leko in a great game in round 9. Anand and Carlsen still lead on +2. Round 10: Leko-Topalov, Ivanchuk-Svidler, Anand-Carlsen, Aronian-Morozevich.

I Want My GM MTV

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GM Varuzhan Akobian to star in MTV "The True Life" show on March 8.

Linares 2007 r9

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Morozevich-Leko, Topalov-Ivanchuk, Carlsen-Aronian, Svidler-Anand. Hoping for some big chess in Topalov-Ivanchuk

Linares 2007 r8

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Round 8 is Anand-Topalov, Aronian-Svidler, Morozevich-Carlsen, Leko-Ivanchuk.

Linares 07 at the Half

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Carlsen and Anand lead going into the second half in Linares on March 2.

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