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Anand Simul and Interview

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Anand interview after his April 21 charity simul.

Miskolc Rapid 2007

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Kramnik beats Leko +2 =5 -1 with two draws on the final day
Server errors, Kasparov on tour, Other Russia website up.

Investigation of Dresden Organizer?

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Reports of a criminal investigation of Dirk Jordan

Junior-Fritz Match

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ChessBase and FIDE announce six-game Fritz-Junior computer match for $100,000 in June.

Kramnik vs Leko Rapid

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Eight-game Kramnik-Leko rapid match in Miskolc, Hungary begins April 25

The Scandinavian Offense

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Sigeman and Gausdal tournaments in Sweden and Norway.

Last Chance to Play Anand

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Anand online charity simul on the ICC Saturday at noon EST.

Euro Ch Hijinks

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Complaints of various flavors about the Euro Ch 2007

Tkachiev Euro Champ

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Tkachiev comes out first in the playoff games after 7 tied for first with 8/11.

Kasparov Arrested

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Kasparov arrested en route to anti-Kremlin rally in Moscow.

B-Day Marching

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Kasparov's birthday. His political group is staging two marches in Russia this weekend.

Play Anand for Charity

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Anand online simul on the ICC to raise money for charity. Seats to play on Ebay now.

Vonnegut Random Chess

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Article recounts a game of chess with recently deceased author Kurt Vonnegut.

Smorgasbord Variation

| Permalink | 14 comments
Report from Sweden of a chess official caught embezzling.


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New HIARCS version for Macintosh.

4 More in Foxwoods

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Four tie for first at Foxwoods; Kamsky wins tiebreak game. Draw chat.

4 Más Rápido in Calatrava

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Shirov, Fridman, I Sokolov, and Gelfand tie for first with 7.5/9

Euro Ch 2007 r8

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Volokitin leads with 6/7. Four more rounds to play.

Foxwoods 2007

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Kamsky and Nakamura in action.

Calatrava Rapid 07

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Powerful rapid event in Spain. Anand, Ivanchuk, Mamedyarov, Polgar, Karpov, etc.

April Fuels

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Time controls, Ilyumzhinov comments on the world championship, more.

Euro Ch 2007 r3

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Many players have 2/2, including top rating seed Jakovenko.

Global Chess BV

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The next step of the FIDE-backed commercial entity led by Bessel Kok is announced.

April 2007 Rating List

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Anand #1 for the first time. Topalov and Kramnik =2-3.

8th Euro Championship

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Very strong European Individual Championship begins April 3.

No. 1 for Vishy!

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FIDE reverses course, will rate Linares and Anand will be #1 on April list.

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