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Candidates 07 R1 Day 4

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Kamsky and Leko advance, Bacrot and Gurevich out. Wins for Aronian, Grischuk, Bareev, and Adams.
Review of recently completed events. Capablanca Memorial, Bosna, Somov Memorial Kirishi, Women's World Team Ch., Chicago Open.

MonRoi and I, and You

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Post regarding allegations of libel by MonRoi against me and posters in the comments.
Kamsky and Leko take big leads. Carlsen equalizes by beating Aronian. Rublevsky beats Ponomariov in a long queen and pawn endgame.

Candidates 07 R1 Day 2

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Kamsky, Leko, and Bareev win.

Candidates 07 R1 Day 1

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Aronian beats Carlsen; Grischuk beats Malakhov.

Candidates 07, Elista Smackdown

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Candidates matches begin today in Elista.
Daily Dirt Reader Brilliancy Prizes awarded to Becerra, Shabalov, and Kaidanov.
Ivanchuk leads Capablanca Memorial with 5/6 and three rounds to play.
Movsesian leads at the half, ahead of Morozevich and Short.
Shabalov wins 2007 US Championship with final round win over Sergey Kudrin.
Need your nominations for our brilliancy prizes!
Onischuk catches Shabalov in a tie for first with two rounds to go.

Chess in Edumacation

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Private high school in England offers big money chess scholarship.

Candidates Matches 07

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FIDE announces candidate match schedule and details.

Shabalov Extinguished

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Onischuk beats beats Shabalov to make the title race interesting with three rounds to play.

Amazing Topalov Wins Mtel 07

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Topalov beats Sasikiran in the final round to take clear first place.

Mtel 2007 - The Big Finish

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Sasikiran still in the lead going into the final round.

Shabalov on Fire

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Shabalov races out to a 5/5 score ahead of many with 3.5.

Mtel Masters 2007 r7-8

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Sasikiran still clear leader after losing to Kamsky. Nisipeanu beats Adams

2007 US Ch r2-3

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Three leaders with 2/2.

Mtel Masters 2007 r6

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All three games decisive and the field tightens up considerably.

2007 US Ch r1

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Round 1 underway. Live game links
2007 US Ch Brilliancy Prize donation list.
2007 US Championship starts today in Oklahoma. Donate to the 2007 US Championship Brilliancy Prize Fund!

Mtel Masters 2007 r5

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Mamedyarov in the clear lead at the halfway point.

Mergers and Acquisitions

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ICC acquires World Chess Network and Chess Live to merge them into new web service.

Grand Slam Circuit Complete

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Major tournament organizers announce completion of circuit with addition of June 08 Mexico City event.
Mamedyarov leads on +2, Topalov gets first win.

Three Mtel Draws

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All three games drawn in round two. Mamedyarov-Topalov in tomorrow's third round.
Topalov blunders and loses to Nisipeanu. Kamsky blown out by Mameyarov. Adams-Sasikiran draw.

Mtel Masters 2007 r1

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Mtel begins today with Topalov, Kamsky, Adams, Mamedyarov, Sasikiran, Nisipeanu

Tuesday Deer Blogging

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Open thread, photo of deer.

Aronian Topples Kramnik

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Aronian beats Kramnik 4-2 in Yerevan rapid match.
Bits and pieces from all over. Happy weekend!

Chess Goes to School

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Slate article on chess in education.

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