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July 07 Rating List

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New FIDE rating list is out. Jakovenko makes the top ten.

Dortmund 07 r5-6

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All four games drawn in r5. Round 6: Anand-Alekseev, Kramnik-Naiditsch, Mamedyarov-Carlsen and Leko-Gelfand.

Ivanchuk Wins Aerosvit

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Ivanchuk takes clear first, Karjakin second.
Kramnik wins in Dortmund to move into clear first. Karjakin and Ivanchuk continue to lead Aerosvit.

Dortmund 07 r3

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Gelfand-Anand, Mamedyarov-Kramnik, Alekseev-Carlsen, Leko-Naiditsch.
FIDE announces yet another world championship cycle formula. Grand Prix qualifier touted. Topalov back in with a rematch in 2008.

Kramnik Rolls Up Gelfand

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Kramnik and Alekseev lead Dortmund after two rounds.

Dortmund 07 Begins

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Kramnik, Anand, Leko, Mamedyarov, Carlsen, Naiditsch, Gelfand, Alekseev.

Aerosvit 2007

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First round of Aerosvit Monday. Svidler, Ivanchuk, Jakovenko, Shirov, Nisipeanu, Sasikiran, Eljanov, Karjakin, Rublevsky, Dominguez, van Wely, Onischuk.

Flashback Tournaments

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Veterans in action at the Bazna tournament in Romania. Karpov playing in Serbia.

June Swoon

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Grischuk through to Mexico; Kasparov in NY for master class, Nakamura blitz video.
Aronian eliminates Shirov, Gelfand eliminates Kamsky, Leko eliminates Bareev. Grischuk and Rublevsky play rapid tiebreaks on Wednesday.

Nakamura Wins National Open

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Nakamura beats Gonzalez in the final round to take clear first.
Rublevsky equalizes against Grischuk in round 4.

USCF Board Elections

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USCF board election, comments, votes, and anti-votes.

Browne Cleans Up in Vegas

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Walter Browne does well at Vegas poker event. General poker vs chess chat.

Candidates 07 R2 Day 4

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Game 4 of 6. Leko can eliminate Bareev with a win. Gelfand, Grischuk, and Aronian lead.

Candidates 07 R2 Day 3

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Game three of six.

Candidates 07 R2 Day 2

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Four draws. Aronian and Shirov put on a wild show. Kamsky survives again.
Second round begins with Aronian-Shirov, Leko-Bareev, Grischuk-Rublevsky, Kamsky-Gelfand.

Rybka Goes Fishing

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Rybka programmer issues challenge to winner of Fritz-Junior "Ultimate" match sponsored by FIDE.

Candidates 07 R1 Tiebreaks

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Gelfand, Shirov, and Aronian move on.
Rublevsky and Bareev through to next round. Shirov-Adams, Aronian-Carlsen, and Kasimjanov-Gelfand play tiebreaks Sunday at 5am EDT.

Candidates 07 R1 Day 5

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Grischuk through, Polgar stays alive, Carlsen equalizes.

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