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Radjabov and Polgar Move Up

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Radjabov and Polgar win in round six. Together with Onischuk they trail Carlsen by a full point.

Carlsen Leads Biel

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Magnus Carlsen has a full-point lead after 5/9 rounds. Onischuk and Avrukh trail.
Ivanchuk leads Tiviakov and Harikrishna going into the final round. [Ivanchuk beats Harikrishna to win by a full point with 7/9.]

Three Lead in Biel

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Carlsen, Onischuk, and Motylev lead with 2/3.

Seven More to World Cup

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Seven players qualify from Cali Continental to Nov 07 World Cup. Also, a list of the 20 rating qualifiers for the Cup

Biel 2007

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Biel GM tournament with Radjabov, Carlsen, Polgar, Onischuk, etc. began yesterday and ends Aug. 2
Kamsky, Eljanov, and Ivanchuk lead Montreal International with 3/4. Short has lost four in a row.
Final round of US Women's championship. Krush and Rohonyan lead.

Checkered Past

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Schaeffer's Chinook program team announce that checkers has been solved at last.
Ivanchuk and Kamsky head the field in this strong all-play-all.

Yanquis Lead in Cali

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Akobian and Ivanov lead the Continental Championship with two rounds to play.
US women's championship in Stillwater, Oklahoma runs until July 20. Round robin with Zatonskih and Krush the top seeds

Baby It's Bu

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Bu Xiangzhi wins clear first in the Canadian Open with 8/10.

Atalik Leads in Ottawa

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Atalik leads Canadian Open with three rounds to play. Five on 3/3 at the Continental Championship.

Continental Cali-ente

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Continental Championship starts in Colombia. Many USAers play for seven spots in the World Cup.

Oh. Canada.

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Large pack including Short and Yermolinsky with 4/5 at halfway point of Canadian Open Ch.
Anand beats Ponomariov and then Topalov to take Leon for the seventh time.
Ivanchuk wins Pivdenny Bank Cup rapid event in Odessa ahead of Grischuk, Shirov, Radjabov, etc.
Anand, Topalov, Kasimjanov, Ponomariov in rapid KO starting Friday July 7.

2007 US Women's Ch

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2007 US women's championship runs July 16-20 in Oklahoma. Krush and Zatonskih top seeds.

Wanna Go to Mainz?

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Win a trip to the Mainz Classic from the ICC.

Maxim Sorokin 1968-2007

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Russian GM Maxim Sorokin dies from injuries from a car crash.
Four draws in the final round. Kramnik wins clear first by a point ahead of Leko, Anand, and Alekseev.

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