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Department of Oxymorons

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FIDE ethics commission issues reprimands to Short as well as Topalov and Danailov.

Norms in the News

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Hungaski wins Pan-Am Junior, Amon Simutowe gets 3rd GM norm, Humpy Koneru nears 2600.

Fritz, Can You Hear Me Now?

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New breed of small hearing aids; some can also work as receivers. Arbiters beware!

The Fabulous Dr. Ginsburg

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IM Mark Ginsburg is a-bloggin'. With plenty of vintage chess pics.

The Fogies Fight Back

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After two wins per side in round six the Rising Stars still lead the Experience team by a point at the NH Tournament in Amsterdam.

Hip-Hop Chess in SF

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The RZA and other hip-hop and martial arts people put on Oct 13 event in San Francisco.
Youth team extends lead to three points in NH Tournament.

Ruso-Sino Relations

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Russia vs China women and men team matches. China leads combined score at the half.

NH Tournament 2007

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Karjakin and Rising Stars team face veteran squad led by Khalifman and Beliavsky.
According to the Cuban news, Lenier Dominguez is helping train Peter Leko in Hungary.

In Howie's Footsteps

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Mickey Adams takes clear first in 5th Staunton Memorial
Anand goes public with complaints about FIDE favoritism toward Topalov and Kramnik.

Different Order, Same Result

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Anand and Aronian will play rapid final on Sunday. Five lead Ordix with 5/5 including Ivanchuk.

Bologan Wins FiNet Chess960 Open

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Aronian beats Anand in Chess960 final. Bologan wins FiNet open. Main rapid event underway and Anand is the early leader.

Anand and Aronian Shuffle On

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Levon Aronian and Vishy Anand dominated the preliminary rounds of the FiNet Chess960 rapid event in Mainz. They finished 1-2 with 4.5 and 4 points out of 6, respectively. Both were undefeated. Kasimjanov and Bacrot were well back and will...

Jolly Old England

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Jacob Aagaard wins UK Championship. Adams and van Wely lead Staunton Memorial in London.

Mainz Randomness 07

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Mainz Classic begins with big opens and shuffle chess events. Anand, Kasimjanov, Bacrot, Aronian play in the championship events.

Caruana Rocking the HZ

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15-year-old Caruana shares lead in Hogeschool Zeeland Open.

Rybka-Junior 1.1

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Sergey Abramov of Convekta responds to David Levy's article on the failed Rybka-Junior match.

Like Father Like Son

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It's Magnus Carlsen vs his father Henrik in round 6 of the Arctic Challenge.

Villarobledo Rapid 07

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Ponomariov, Dreev, and Topalov share first.

Arctic Chess Challenge 07

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Magnus Carlsen plays in this Norwegian open.

Rybka-Junior Crashes

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Negotiations for a 100K Rybka-Junior computer match break down

Carlsen Wins Biel 07

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Carlsen and Onischuk tie for first, Carlsen wins playoff in armageddon game.

Feel the Biel 07

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Onischuk and Radjabov are tied for first with 5/8 going into today's last round.

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