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Meanwhile, Elsewhere in the Universe

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Yes, there a few things going on in the chess world other than the world championship. For example, Movsesian and Ponomariov tied for first at the Czech Coal Carlsbad tournament. The absolutely fabulous US Chess League got underway, yee-haw. What happened to the Brooklyn team? How about the Bed-Stuy Drive-bys or the Coney Island Hotdogs? Oh well, send'em some money anyway. Apparently everybody won the Russian Championship this year. An incredible 11 players tied for first with 7/9 7/11. They gave Vitiugov the title on tiebreaks that must have required Deepest Blue to figure out, if not Deep Purple. Anyone know who is going into the Russian superfinal, if there is one this year?

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A couple of corrections/clarifications:

1) 11 players tied for first with 7/11 (not 7/9)!

2) The tiebreaker was short Bugholtz (Bugholtz with the lowest score thrown out).

3) The order of finishers is 1. Vit'ugov 2. Rychagov 3. Dreev 4. Amonatov 5. Tomashevsky 6. Timofeev 7. Sakaev 8. Zvyaginsev. The first 6 qualify directly into the superfinal. Probably 7 and 8 will also qualify if/when personal invitees drop out.

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