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The official Mexico world championship website is showing the Zappa-Rybka match games live, but not putting up any standings or PGN I can find. I believe the games begin at 10:30 local time, 11:30 EDT, 15:30 GMT. Yesterday's first game was drawn. The Rybka forums have lots of news and such if you poke around. Post more links if you got'em.

Zappa programmer Anthony Cozzie made news at the opening press conference by saying that either program would finish first and undefeated if it participated in the world championship tournament. [David Levy informs that this was said by the Zappa book prep guy Erdogan Gunes, not Cozzie. Sorry about that, was just told "the Zappa programmer".] Kramnik and Aronian were asked about this after their quick draw. They both agreed the computer would have good chances of winning, but weren't sure it wouldn't lose a game. Everyone agreed much would depend on the openings. It's hard to bet against the machines after Fritz survived a match with Kramnik without a loss. But they aren't invulnerable and the odds would catch up with them. One bad opening or falling into a bad endgame is all it would take. But first place, definitely. Heck, Junior made an even score at Dortmund in 2000, a long time ago by the standards of Moore's Law. It was still falling for the ancient Stonewall tricks. Ah, those were the days.


Rybka won the second game. The moves are still available in 'live' window, though it doesn't show the obvious resignation.

Pgn for the first game is actually availble on the link of for 'previous games' from computer match viewer. I assume the second game will be there some time later.

Rybka lost both games yesterday, the second one in a funny way. It should've been a drawn ending due to the 50-move rule, but Rybka gave up a pawn to prolong the game, and then lost. Zappa leads 2.5-1.5.

Interesting conversation about the games here:


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