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TWIC Lives

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If you're like me and check TWIC every nine minutes, you may have noticed that you get an error from your usual bookmark, www.chesscenter.com/twic/twic.html. They are moving servers and have experienced some glitches that have nothing to do with too many pints at the pub. TWIC is still up and running here: http://chess.co.uk/twic/twic.html and the chesscenter.com links will work as soon as they get the redirect working.


Thanks for the good news. I was fearing TWIC's demise.

thx i was starting to worry

Just came to the Dirt to post for info about TWIC. I'm relieved that I'm not alone...

I just made a redirect for them and uploaded it. Your usual bookmarks will now work but only if they don't include www. They'll have to add a 301 redirect or something else to fix that. Or just wait until the full server propagation goes through.

When it's gone you realize how much you depend on it.
It's like....
now what? Where am I gonna get my games?

We're back at the normal address, at least in the UK, maybe it will take a while to propagate.

We have been moving servers and the transfer to the new one for the chess.co.uk address went smoothly a couple of weeks ago (no-one noticed 8-)) but chesscenter.com encountered a tiny problem which then couldn't be fixed straight away. Anyhow we're back now and it was certainly nice to have a lot of phone calls from some rather famous journalists and a whole boatload of e-mails. Anyhow we shouldn't be moving again for quite a while!

not about twic specifically, but I just took a glance at the WCC of blitz webpage and they just added grischuk and svidler to the final... better late than never :)

Check out kramniks endgame play against shirov - looks like he is winning yet another catalan with white. How does he do it?

Kramnik's games have a monumentality that brings to mind Byrne's comment on Fischer:

"He has the ability to overcome the chaotic mess and the complexity of modern chess, the baroque scramble, and isolate a single theme, a single line of development and carry it through."

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