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Bulgarian wins hearing-impaired chess championship.
Dominguez takes the lead with a win as Alekseev beats Carlsen.

Neutrality Ends in Biel

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Carlsen takes over clear first with a win. Edges closer to Anand for #1 rating spot.

Battle of Biel in Progress

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Carlsen and Alekseev lead after 2 rounds.

Pooped in Poikovsky

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All draws in the final round. Rublevsky, Jakovenko, Shirov, and Gashimov share first on +2.
New Kramnik interview on the world championship, psychology in chess, and Russia today.

Shirov Leads Poikovsky after 7

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Shirov on +3 ahead of Jakovenko and Rublevsky with two rounds to play.

Behold the Miglet

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The Miglet was born on Thursday, July 10.
9th annual all-play-all in Russia. Jakovenko, Rublevsky, Wang Hao, Onischuk, Volokitin, Gashimov, Shirov, Bologan, Sutovsky, Inarkiev.
Air hockey machine beats all humans.
Peter Leko wins clear first. Ivanchuk beats Kramnik. 5th loss for van Wely.
Poker program taking on humans again.

Outsiders On Top In Dortmund

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Nepomniachtchi beats van Wely to take share of lead with Leko and Gustafsson. Round 5: Mamedyarov-Kramnik, Ivanchuk-Naiditsch, Leko-Nepomniachtchi, van Wely-Gustafsson.
Naiditsch beats Kramnik's Petroff. Other r3 games drawn. Gustafsson and Leko lead. Round 4: Kramnik-Leko, Nepomniachtchi-van Wely, Gustafsson-Ivanchuk, Naiditsch-Mamedyarov.

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