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Cap d'Agde 08 KO Stage

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So far the rapid games haven't been very useful at all in Cap d'Agde (Link changed). Karpov and Caruana swapped black wins in the rapids, the other four were drawn. Karpov then knocked out Caruana after four blitz games, Ivanchuk took out Radjabov after two blitz games, and Nakamura beat Vachier Lagrave also in two blitz games. Fast hands for Karpov, who at 57 is nearly four times Caruana's age. Carlsen is currently battling for the fourth semifinal spot against Bu Xiangzhi. I believe the semis will be Nakamura-Karpov and Ivanchuk vs either Carlsen or Bu Xiangzhi. -- Nice breakthrough by Carlsen to win the second rapid game and go through to meet Ivanchuk.


I believe Karpov has Ivanchuk. Nakamura awaits either Carlsen or Xiangzhi.

Bu drew with white v. Carlsen in rapid 1.


No, I think you're right. The dang Cap website is a mess!

Yah, it's a big long puke of information, and not always accurate either. Nice breakthrough with mate threat by Carlsen to win with white and go through.


Hopefully this is correct:

Vendredi 31 octobre
14h30 Trophée 1ère demi-finale
18h Trophée 2ème demi-finale

Samedi 1er novembre
17h30 Finale du Trophée

[Cap d'Agde Time Zone = GMT+1 (standard); GMT+2 (summer)]

Good to see Karpov back in action, even though it's only rapid chess. It would be cool if he could win it all... Who knows, maybe we'll see another Anand-Karpov title match soon...?

Nice to see a new thread, always! And a new metaphore: "puke of information" A+

Go Chucky!

Go Karpy!

I'll second TM and BillC - Great to see Anatoly Yevgenyevich back where he belongs, fighting for the top spot in a tournament. And as always, Mig's alliterations are par excellence!

Go Chucky! And take Karpy with you.

Geez. go Naka!

Go Magnus!

No way a 50+ Karpov is going to take down Hikaru in this format. Once again, Nakamura shows he deserves more opportunities against top players. After his first round loss to Radjabov, he has been unstoppable since with some very impressive wins (and played very well against Carlsen in their draw).

It will be Karpov vs Carlsen in the final.

You heard it here first.

It'll be interesting if the 57-year-old Karpov has to fight through the 14-year old Hou, then 16-year-old Caruana, then 20-year-old Nakamura, then 17-year-old Carlsen.

And it'll be even more interesting if each of these "kids" makes a run at the world title in the next few decades.

"Nakamura shows he deserves more opportunities against top players..."

Well, he gets plenty of opportunities, but he turns them down because: 1. he loves to win, and 2. he loves fun and comfort. He's been pretty open about this.

Nakamura through to the final. You heard it here first...

Magnus has done very well against Chucky in classical formats...but I'm dreading this rapid match-up. Ivanchuk is arguably the best rapid/blitz player in the world this year. Magnus' best chance is to get past him in the first two games.

Magnus will handle Nakumara if he reaches the final.

I don't know whether you heard it here first, but at least I've said it!


IMHO as long as Nakamura can get past the 2 rapid games, he's got at least an even chance of winning the blitz portion against Carlsen or Ivanchuk. Of course, getting past the 2 rapid games is no cinch against those two.

As feared, Magnus couldn't surmount Chucky in the rapid and got blitzed. Nakamura should be proud to have advanced this far, but his lack of experience at this level leaves him at a major disadvantage. I don't think he will get a chance to show his blitz skills.

All hail the wild 'brows of Ivanchuk!


Is Chucky God?

He is the soul of chess.

Chuky is the main reasons I still follow chess tournaments around the world ...
Go Chuky and teach this new lad a good lesson.

Chuckster!!!! I would love to see it go to blitz and watch chuckster manhandle Naka the self ordained blitz god.

No one can resist the power of the Chuck! Go Vassily!

i wonder if chuck is the most beloved elite player since tal

I hope Ivanchuk gets a chance to play Anand for the WC - what a match that could be!

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