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Cap d'Agde 08 Final: Ivanchuk-Nakamura

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Reigning world blitz champ Vassily Ivanchuk eliminated Magnus Carlsen in blitz after two drawn rapid games. Hikaru Nakamura demolished Karpov after another two draws in rapids. You almost felt sorry for Karpov having to deal with Nakamura's typical rain of tactical blows in the 3'+2" tiebreak games. It was a Halloween horror show. On the other hand, the vet did make it to the semis and had his shot in the rapid games. The Ivanchuk-Nakamura final is a classic old master versus young hotshot match-up. By the usual silly chance of the group stages Ivanchuk has had a tougher route to the final, which shouldn't mean much. Live and results here.

You may now resume your candy coma.

First rapid game with Ivanchuk with white drawn. If this goes to blitz could we pretty-please have them play 10 games instead of two?

Update: No blitz necessary! Hikaru Nakamura beat Ivanchuk in the second rapid game to win the Cap d'Agde Trophée CCAS!


Ivanchuk over Nakamura 2-0. It seems Chucky is unbeatable lately.

I think too Ivanchuk will prevail. He is even incredible in blitz. I watched the first blitz-game against Carlsen. It was an amazing show - fast and strong moves...

Wow -- Naka's won! Good for him!

it looks Naka proved you wrong

Are our Nakamura detractors really running for the exit? How can that be....

Well done Hikaru

Slowly Nakamura is getting his rating up over 2700 and will therefore earn invitations to play at classic time controls against the super GM's. Interesting how he will stand up in non-speed or rapid time controls. The Olympiad will be his real opportunity. Note how much more solidly he played against Chucky to beat him in the rapid: he technically outplayed him in a drawn endgame.

That last game was a pretty poor effort by Ivanchuck. He played the (equal)ending awfully and gave it to Nakamura on a plate. Nerves got him I guess..

Chucky had a much better(playing for win) endgame in the first game..and ended almost losing that one too.

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