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Dresden Olympiad r6

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Big guns are matching up big time after the off day and the Bermuda party hangover recovery period. The six teams with 9/10 points meet: Russia-England, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Ukraine-Germany. In the women's event, China with a perfect 10 faces the only team with 9, Hungary. China hasn't lost a game yet despite leaving several of the world's top-rated women at home. England's Dagne Ciuksyte is 5/5 in the women's and Valentin Iotov has 5/5 for Bulgaria. Live games online. 25-minute (!) Round 5 podcast video or just audio.


theres no podcast for round 5 after all? couldnt find it on icc as well...

Podcast is up on the main ICC page. Will direct link above too now. Added plain MP3 too since some people wanted a more portable version.


Holy smokes Nakamura-Bruzon is some kind of slugfest.

Wang Yue wins another endgame.

Hikaru is a genius. He took Bruzon to the cleaners.

Magnus Carlsen lost!

Nice tactics in Wesley So - Shirov. The boy got what is needed to play against the superGM.

Short just lost to Kramnik after making a blunder which puts
black in mate-in-one. 46 ... Rxc6 should be able to hold longer even though the resulting rook ending looks lost for Black.

Mourning in Baku? Armenia looks to be winning.

From the official site:

Round 6 Open on 2008/11/19 at 15.00
(The shown real time results are taken directly from the boards and might contain erronious)

It wasn't a mate in one with Short-Kramnik, although the resulting position after Kxa6 was obviously lost for black (but, in truth, it was lost even before that).

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