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The More Important Sofia!

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Forget the capital of Bulgaria and the Kamsky-Topalov match that's now scheduled to take place there. The Sofia I'm talking about is Sofi Polgar, inevitably referred to as "the middle sister," with Susan the elder and Judit the younger. I had the great fortune to work with Sofi for half a year at the KasparovChess Online office in Herzlia, Israel in 1999. A multi-talented individual who decided there was more to life than competitive chess, Sofi was/is into photography, art, and took up computer design with no fear. Now living in Toronto, she just opened up her own website, in which you'll surely find much of interest, including plenty of chess and original artworks for sale. Did you know she wrote a piece on Fischer after his death this year?

A hunky Israeli GM might also have had something to do with her gradual departure from professional chess and games like this one. Here she is with husband Yona Kosashvili in 1999 at the home of one of our KCO co-workers in 1999.

Yona has his own little bio page on the site. Somehow the results listing omits "Unofficial champion of Palestine, 1999." Long story for another day, but it has to do with a shopping trip for furniture in an Arab town that turned into an impromptu international event when we asked about chess tables.

As much as the sisters are no doubt sick of talking about their unique upbringing, I'm sure fans would appreciate Sofi's thoughts from the distance of time and now being a parent with chess kids herself. All three of the Polgar sisters turned out remarkably well-rounded and they also seem to fit a few of the usual stereotypes. The forceful eldest, the congenial middle, the golden baby. (My wife and I are both mellow second children with dominant older sisters.)

Now I definitely have to start putting together a blogroll and link list.


Sofia Polgar is a wonderful lady, no doubt, but can't possibly be "more important" than the City of Sofia, which dusty and noisy or not, is still the home of 2 million people. Otherwise, great presentation!


I love the YouTube video of Sofia and Korchnoi. Sofia couldn't have been politer or sweeter or more respectful, but when she won, Korchnoi lit into her. I hope Sofia was able to take Korchnoi's inexcusable behavior in stride. You can tell just from that video what a great person Sofia is (and what a fierce chessplayer).

BTW, is the Korchnoi-Caruana thing on video somewhere?

I love that it's been 6 years and the Curacao video is still the first thing anyone mentions :)

Sofia Polgar is not more important than the city, but she is more important than the Kamsky-Topalov match!

Sofia Polgar is more important than the City of Sofia in the same sense that Mig is more important than the Mig-29 jet-fighers, or Kasparov than Putin.Crazy.
Good to know though that she is now toying with art-photography, photoshopping, and the like. That is also very important information.

Happy and made for each other couple!

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