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Turkey Club

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Results of lawsuit threaten to invalidate results of this year's two Individual European Championships.

Stop, Click & Listen

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John Watson talks with Jennifer Shahade on 'Chess Talk' on ICC Chess.FM.
Leko wins to join Aronian in the lead and set up their final-round battle Wednesday. Aronian has white.
Aronian still leads with Leko a half-point behind with two rounds to play.

Nalchik Heats Up

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Five decisive games and Aronian takes the clear lead on +3 with three rounds to play.
Long New Yorker article on neuroenhancers.

Aronian Leads Nalchik After 8

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Aronian still leads Nalchik Grand Prix with five rounds to play.

Slow Going in Nalchik

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Kamsky misses swindle draw against Akopian; Grischuk still leads on +2 after 5.
Grischuk leads Grand Prix with 2.5/3 and two very nice wins. Aronian, Leko, Karjakin among those chasing.
Round one tomorrow, Wednesday. Svidler, Aronian, Leko, Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Bacrot, Kamsky, Mamedyarov, Karjakin, Alekseev, Gelfand, Eljanov, Akopian, Kasimjanov.

Google Diving Chess History

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Digging through old chess books on Google Books.
Bits and pieces. Kasparov birthday, Foxwoods ends, Grand Prix starts, Topalov interview.

Shulman Leads Foxwoods

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Shulman has 5.5/6 with three rounds to play.

Broke in Budapest

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Barcza Memorial in Budapest canceled after one round due to lack of funds.

Superteams in Dagomys

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Russian Team Championship underway. Many top players in action, including Ivanchuk.

Nashville Gone Wild

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Visit to Nashville SuperNationals scholastic tournament with Kasparov concludes.

Welcome to the Jungle

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From the Supernationals in Nashville with Kasparov.

Southward Bound

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Heading to Nashville with Kasparov for the Supernationals on Fri-Sat.

April 1 Shenanigans

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April Fools' around the board.

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