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April 1 Shenanigans

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Oh, we're such wacky fellows. I'm headed to DC for an entire day of entirely unfunny political meetings. Amuse yourselves with Chessbase's shenanigans (only one is a joke) and point out any other good items out there.


I want some of those training supplements on the chessbase site! haha

I forgot the april fool thing , but if it is a joke it is really amazing , i like the game a lot.

Mig! You mean that the part of the Rogoff article (the game with Huebner) is not a hoax??!

I remember seeing the Ivanchuk game on Chesspro.ru around Christmas/New Year, so even if it was an elaborate joke it wasn't April Fools!

This is a reference to a famous game in which Huebner played a one move draw with White, he was tired after a few tough games or something, and was forced to replay the game cos it was deemed inappropriate. So he and his partner (mighta been Rogoff, can't remember) played a joke game in protest. In the end they were forced to play it yet again; Huebner didn't show up and was forfeited.

yeah, that's the story. it's not a reference to the game; it is the game. here's the wiki article about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_records_in_chess#Shortest_game

the article mentions several forfeitures among the shortest games... as if forfeit games are some sort of rarity in master play.

Of course the joke in Chessbase is related to a topic that was discussed here a few days ago, but they did a very good work choosing a Rogoff's game which was actually real (as mentioned above, was a protest game after being forced to play for the third time without making a "dull draw") and a variant of chess which looked strange but actually make sense (at least for one player).

The problem is that the first report was fairly obvious to be fake that if we trusted Mig (that there was only one fake report), we got no options to guess which was the fake one.

Hey, Mig. You spoiled the joke for us the people that read first your blog before that Chessbase =P

And I thought the new FIDE ELO list was the joke ... ,:).
Anyway - as Mig asked for more - http://chessmind.powerblogs.com/ also has a good one today .... .

I sincerely hope that the piece about that Ethiopian chess variant with spectators being allowed to make moves is the joke.
If not, I am visiting Ethiopia.

I don't know if Ethiopian chess is real, but searching for videos of it I found this great chesslike african game:


I'm dropping chess as soon as I find the rules for this.

i wanted to include some more mean-spirited side effects with the gene therapy pills, but fred is too nice.

And this is probably another one ... :
"I’ve just heard that FIDE are considering reinstating an old rule that pawns don’t need to promote when they reach the 8th rank, but can simply remain as pawns. It appears to have been pushed through by a British Problem Society lobby, who claim that it will help them create an entirely new generation of problem themes.

I don’t know much about this area myself and suspect that it will have minimal impact on practical players. But I guess we’ll have to be more careful about replacing pawn with the appropriate piece when they get to the 8th rank lest the move as interpreted as something like ‘e7-e8 = pawn’."

Promoted pawns now have the option of becoming "anti-pawns" - they move backwards, capture backwards, and when they reach the 4th rank (or 5th, for black) they have the option of moving one or two squares. A possible path would be something like a8-a7xb6-b5-b4-b2.

Why do I think this idea's been used and discarded already?

Biggest April 1 News is (or should be) that World #1 Topalov made the largest rating gain among the top 100! How often does the incumbent pull this off?

Oops, not top 100, meant among 2700+. Copied wrong info.

It's odd but true, they have that article some weeks ago in the German version.

"Biggest April 1 News is (or should be) that World #1 Topalov made the largest rating gain among the top 100!"

I bet Thomas is a rainbow of happiness right now, since he loves so much Topalov! :-)

I have no problems with Topalov as long as he sticks to playing chess, and in any case no problem accepting facts which were known long before yesterday ... . Whereas some other people (e.g. Bowles) neglect facts about other players or at least interpret them in a VERY original way [premature 1st April jokes almost every day during the Amber tournament].
@Mig: Has Kasparov already commented on or confirmed his comeback? ,:) This was Chessmind's April 1st story:

"According to some recent twitters and a page on the FIDE website, Garry Kasparov has agreed in principle to return to chess for a world championship candidates' event! Participants include Vladimir Kramnik (loser of the last world championship match), Gata Kamsky (loser on the candidates' final to Topalov), Magnus Carlsen (the #1 player on the rating list, excluding the world championship finalists), Vassily Ivanchuk and Alexei Shirov. The event is tentatively scheduled for late this year or early next year, with the winner slated to face the winner of the Anand-Topalov match late next year.

Great news!"

¨I have no problems with Topalov as long as he sticks to playing chess¨
Yeah , who does he think he is to give interviews and do other stuff around.
We should put him in prison between tournaments so he doesnt bother you.

"Whereas some other people (e.g. Bowles) neglect facts about other players or at least interpret them in a VERY original way"

Hehehe! ;-)

Of course Topalov can (and indeed should) also continue to give interviews etc. ... . From my track record it should be clear what I don't like about him - very briefly: insults against other players.

It would be other player , not players.

Well, there was an introductory kids chess class where someone asked if a pawn can promote to being a pawn of the opposite color.

Every sane person agrees that Topalov is the most gentlemanly player around. I don't understand what you guys are arguing about...

I loved their April 1st joke.

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