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Southward Bound

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by Betsy Dynako for ICC/WCL

Barely enough time to hang my hat after getting back from DC before I'm headed back out again, this time to the amazing SuperNationals scholastic event in Nashville, Tennessee. That's the official site; a full schedule can be downloaded here.

I wish I was in Nashville, guitar on my back
Maybe someday I will ride in the back of a big Cadillac

I don't know about the Cadillac. I doubt anyone will even pick me up the airport at 7:44 Friday morning. But get there I will, all the way to the Grand Ole Opry. I'll be there all Friday and Saturday with Garry Kasparov, who is a special guest and keynote speaker. He'll make a few remarks at the 11am opening ceremony on Friday, make the first move on board one of the high school section at 1pm, then has a book signing at 4pm. Saturday is the main event, an hour with a lecture and slideshow plus Q&A. Another book signing at 4.

The Nashville schedule is full of other great events, including simuls and lectures from Kosteniuk, Benjamin, Shabalov, Ashley, Zatonskih, Stripunsky, Shulman, and many others. I'll be the tall one with the shaved head, relatively easy to spot in the inevitable massive crowd around Garry. Please say hello and offer to buy me alcohol.


I am jealous... why can't Kasparov come to the Australian nationals?

I'm jealous too... at the supernationals I attended as a kid... we didn't get even a 1/10,000 the attention this supernationals is getting. I believe our keynotespeaker was yasser seirawan and the only special titled player besides him was Josh Waitzkin who was only present cause he was coaching a team.

I just wish I could meet Kasparov for some book signing!?! He coming to Chicago anytime soon? :)

psst mig make kasparov come here and free drinks for you !

You might be pleasantly surprised early next year, actually. And I'll hold you to the drinks, if it happens.

alright! I'll even give you my cell so you can hold on to that promise ;)

For a second, I thought that a life-long dream might come true: Kasparov giving a speech at the Grand Ole Opry! Sadly, reality intervened.

Kasparov must feel awful not to be able to play OTB chess against strong opponents for political reasons. I wonder whether he thought tabout playing them as sparring partner for their preparation (e.g. secret training matches against Anand in prep for Topalov -- style and openings not too far away). Mig, any info whether that might happen?

The closest the Big Liar will get to the Opry will be when he crawls onstage at Tootsie's to croak a few hurtin' Siberian railway ballads after Mig gets him hammered on two Stoli shots with Snapple chasers.

The opening ceremony is at the Grand Ole Opry itself, main (only?) stage, and that's where Garry will be making his opening remarks 50 minutes from now. No vodka involved. No singing, either. There will, however, be an astronaut. I do hope there will be music of some sort, would seem a shame not to have any despite my usual heckling of folk-dancing and such at opening ceremonies.

Very witty, except for the "the Big Liar" perjorative.

Not to worry Luke, I don't think lying is funny either. But GK onstage at Tootsie's...for drag-out hilarity it ranks with his '05 appearance on American Chopper.

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