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365 Days Later...

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Can you believe it's been a year?

Most amazing year ever, no doubt. La Miglette continues to be the happiest baby ever, which we imagine is a ploy to get a little brother or sister out of us. Now if only she'd start sleeping past six in the morning...


Happy birthday!

I wish even the top players would look into my camera like this little sweety!! ;-)

Happy Birthday from the Chess Tigers!

She's beautiful,Mig and Zoe. She will be sure to sleep past 6am as soon as she starts school.

Thing is Mig , that she is probably right , kids are the best of us , after all.
Congrats , keep up with the good work , :) he, he.

Que los cumpla feliz!!! Que los cumpla Feliz!!!

Muchas Felicidades Mig y familia. Realmente tienen un tesoro.

Dazzling photo!

And a very happy birthday from me, too!

Let's gaze into the crystal ball, what do we see hmmm...

Future roller-derby queen?
Successful investment banker?
Reality show star?
Announcer at professional chess events???

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

My opponents smile at me the exact same way before they take my queen...

Congratulations Miglette, Happy Birthday. That has to have been the fastest year on record!

May I speak truthfully?

I just watched Terminator Salvation yesterday, and she has that same sentient look in her eyes when the T-800s in the factory first power on. (As opposed to most babies with a blank look.) Like Skynet adding neurons daily, she's on the verge of becominng SELF-AWARE.

U4 mos. babies have a blank look. Not 1 yr. olds.

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